EXCLUSIVE: Radio Host Attacks Roger Stone With Racial Smear

In an interview plagued with technical issues and inputs from the control room or other sources, Los Angeles radio host Mo Kelly is now falsely accusing Trump confidante and New York Times bestseller Roger Stone of calling him a “negro.”

Kelly has a history of propping up far-left politicians like Pete Buttiegieg and seems to have doctored the interview with Stone or blamed abhorrent racist comments from his control room or technicians on Stone to virtue signal to the radical Black Lives Matter mob. Dr. Randy Short, a noted black Reverend who attended Stone’s trial to speak on his behalf decried Mo Kelly’s propagandist smear against Roger Stone, who he knows to be an advocate for civil rights and equality.

“This guy obviously wanted to hurt Roger. They want to make anyone they don’t like racist. These people are so mad and they even hate statues of black people. We like Roger and we love Roger. If they can’t kill him by putting him in a jail riddled with Coronavirus, they will try to paint him as a racist and destroy him. The faith community stands with Roger Stone. We are so sick of these attacks and lies. Donald Trump and Roger Stone have spoken on behalf of and worked towards the advancement of black people for decades. Anyone who understands Roger Stone’s outspoken advocacy for social justice understands how fabricated this is. “

Speaking exclusively to The Gateway Pundit in response to the racist smear, Roger Stone told GP the following.

“Anyone who listens to the broadcast will see that there was a garbled transmission. While it appears someone uses an epitaph, that was clearly not me. Anyone who understands my record of supporting the voting rights act, defense of affirmative action, thirty year opposition to the racist war on drugs and my ongoing campaign for the pardon of the early civil rights leader Marcus Garvey knows that such an expression would be antithetical to my being. It is offensive that Mr Kelly would attempt to increase his ratings through such an irresponsible charge.”

As someone who has known Roger Stone for nearly a decade, this GP reporter can tell you that the voice on the radio show is not him. Roger called out his former boss Richard Nixon for launching the racist war on drugs, supported affirmative action policies that have attacked systemic racism and has carried the banner for countless pieces of legislation that aim to create equality for marginalized groups across America. He has even advocated strongly for the pardon of Marcus Garvey, an early civil rights leader attacked by a vicious forerunner of the FBI.

Mo Kelly should be ashamed of himself.


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