EXCLUSIVE: John Weaver – Co-Founder of the Lincoln Project – Is Paid Russian Agent for Same Corporation that Now Owns Hillary Connected Uranium One

A group of Never Trumpers formed the ‘Lincoln Project’ with the mission of ‘protecting democracy’. Their real cause is not to protect democracy and the rule of law, but rather to defeat President Trump in the 2020 Presidential election.  One of their co-founders is a paid Russian Agent – John Weaver.

As reported yesterday, this year another gaggle of individuals who claim they know better than President Trump on what’s best for America, formed a group by the name of the ‘Lincoln Project‘ in another effort to see Donald Trump defeated in the Presidential election.

The founders of the group include crazy George Conway (made famous by the MSM because he abuses his wife Kellyanne Conway in public), Rick Wilson, Steve Schmidt, John Weaver and several other Trump haters.

Author, film maker and Internet sensation Mike Cernovich tweeted last night about a co-founder of the ‘Lincoln Project’:

Today we have more on Russian Agent Weaver:

Although Mr. Weaver was a Russian agent himself, he had no problem claiming the honorable General Flynn was a Russian Agent.  His comments over the past few years on Twitter were repulsive:

In 2006 Weaver worked for the McCain Campaign.  He claims to also have worked for Gov. John Kasich.

Weaver registered as a foreign agent for Russia in May 2019:

Weaver was a Russian agent for a company that was ultimately owned by TENEX which in turn is ultimately owned by Rosatom, a Russian State Owned entity.

Rosatom is the same company involved in the Uranian One deal where Bill Clinton made $500,000 in speaking fees in Russia after the deal was approved by Hillary and the corrupt Obama Administration.  Rosatom ended up the owner of Uranium One and a large percent of the US’s uranium mines, and the Clinton Foundation made off with millions in Russian ‘donations’.

While working for Russia, Weaver works hard to defeat the Trump Administration.  This will never be reported in the MSM because it conflicts with the Trump-Russia collusion scam.

The truth is Russia despises President Trump because he built up the US oil industry and made it the world’s largest.  The US now threatens Russia’s only real commodity (oil) and they hate President Trump for it.  Russia actually pays agents to work against the Trump Administration.

Hat tip Yaacov Apelbaum

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