DOJ Spokesperson Kerri Kupec: Attorney General Bill Barr Knows the Trump Family and the Republic Need Resolution (Video)

The DOJ’s Kerri Kupec points out who was putting political pressure on AG Bill Barr and there’s evidence.

Kerri Kupec, the DOJ Communications Director, was on Hannity tonight.  Hannity was appalled, like anyone who watched AG Barr in front of Congress, with the lack of respect and lies from the Democrats.  The Democrats claimed AG Barr was helping President Trump or his friends, with no support.  Kupec stated:

The only political pressure that I saw today was that from the Democrats towards the Attorney General.  They berated him for not going harsher on Roger Stone, a first time non-violent defender, which as we saw.  When the Attorney General made the recommendation that he did, the judge in that case who’s no friend of the Administration ultimately agreed with the AG.  So if we’re going to talk about political pressure, that’s where it was at.

Next the subject changed to the Durham report.  Hannity asked when it will be concluded and like all Americans, wants to see this before this election takes place.  Kupec responded and said:

There is no one who is more committed to getting to the bottom of what happened to President Trump, both as a candidate and as a duly elected President of the United States, than Attorney General Barr.  He knows that the President and his family and everyone who was affected by what happened then deserves and needs resolution.  He knows the republic needs resolution, and he certainly believes that justice itself deserves resolution.

Via Hannity:

The Democrat Party wants to be able to commit crimes, steal, cheat, lie and spy in order to grab and maintain power.  We should never let them have it.

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