DOJ IG Michael Horowitz Launches Investigation Into ‘Use of Force Allegations’ Involving DOJ Law Enforcement Officers During Portland Riots

Michael Horowitz

Obama-appointed Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz on Thursday announced an investigation into ‘use of force allegations’ involving Department of Homeland Security officers who were deployed to Portland to quell weeks of non-stop riots.

Horowitz is also investigating actions of federal agents in Lafayette Square in DC last month to quell the violence.

Horowitz cited “Congressional requests, complaints received by the OIG, and a referral from the US Attorney in Oregon.”

Horowitz said that additionally, the DOJ OIG is initiating a review to examine the DOJ’s and its law enforcement components’ roles, responsibilities, training, rules of engagement, use of less-lethal munitions, chemical agents and other uses of force.

Read Horowitz’s full statement:

Portland is a war zone thanks to Democrat officials who have given stand down orders to local law enforcement allowing Antifa and BLM to riot non stop for nearly two months.

Antifa terrorists in Portland have been rioting for over 50 days non-stop.

President Trump deployed federal law enforcement to quell the riots after Antifa militants began targeting a federal courthouse in downtown Portland.

This was Portland last night:

Communist, Antifa-supporting Mayor Ted Wheeler marched with the rioters last night and stood in front of the courthouse gate while Antifa tried to tear it down.


Ted Wheeler ended up getting gassed by the feds.

Why wasn’t he arrested?


Now Horowitz is targeting federal agents with an investigation for trying to bring law and order to Portland and DC.

So when is the next IG firing?

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