Democrats Nadler and Gang Keep Lying About Roger Stone in Their Continuing Effort to Hurt President Trump

Corrupt and dishonest Democrat politicians and Deep State actors are still after Roger Stone.  His crime is befriending President Trump years ago.  They won’t allow him to live a day without paying a penalty for siding with Donald Trump.

Corrupt Democrat Representative Jerry Nadler discussed a new law the Democrats are proposing to continue their harassment of President Trump and anyone near him.

Yesterday Roger Stone shared with us in an exclusive some comments Nadler made in regards to President Trump’s commutation of Stone:

Since the day of my commutation Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler and the most corrupt prosecutor in US history Andrew Weissmann have all repeated this bogus claim.  They all do so cleverly taking my public statements in which I said repeatedly that the Mueller prosecutors wanted me to “come clean” and “confess” and offer false testimony against the President that could then be used as an article of impeachment.  In fact on March 14, 2019 an assistant US Attorney on the Mueller team met privately with one of my attorneys to propose my cooperation in return for unspecified leniency in my sentence.

On the heels of all of these unsupportable claims – none of which Mueller with his unlimited budget and extraordinary investigative authority could find – come literally dozens of op-ed pieces by left-wing law professors claiming that the commutation of my sentence by the President is flawed because he in essence used his commutation to cover up his own illegal acts.  Given that there is no evidence or proof of this, any lawyer who writes this should be disbarred.  But then liberals never let facts get in the way of a good left-wing conspiracy theory.

Stone is responsible for paying his attorneys, unlike the Democrat and government gang who attack Stone with tax payer funded attorneys.  Yesterday these attorneys responded to the corrupt Democrat members in Congress.


July 24, 2020

At yesterday’s markup of a clearly unconstitutional bill attempting to limit the president’s pardon power, Chairman Jerrold Nadler of the House Judiciary Committee, spewed a series of baseless falsehoods about Roger Stone and President Trump regarding the circumstances of the commutation of Mr. Stone’s prison sentence.

In his prepared statement, Nadler falsely said that President Trump gave Stone a commutation as a favor for Stone not testifying against the President, comparing it to the way the mafia acts. Nadler also falsely stated, “In fact, Stone has bragged how he resisted pressure to flip and testify against the president.” Clearly Chairman Nadler has taken but a portion of the public statements made by Roger Stone to create a willful- and defamatory misimpression. Mr. Stone has “bragged” about no such thing.

My client has however repeatedly stated that he would not “bear false witness” against the president under pressure from corrupt Mueller prosecutors to lie about his communications with candidate Trump in 2016.

Chairman Nadler is not alone in this dishonest attempt to distort the facts regarding the prosecution and commutation of Roger Stone’s sentence. Despite the indisputable fact that the Mueller investigation found no evidence whatsoever that Roger Stone knew of any misconduct on the President’s part or that Mr. Stone remained silent regarding known misconduct in return for an act of clemency.

Nonetheless this “left wing conspiracy theory” has been voiced by de facto head of the Mueller investigation Andrew Weissman and Hillary Clinton in recent days. It also seems to be the theme of numerous op-ed pieces by lawyers who clearly misrepresent the facts, as well as being the topic of a motion to file an amicus brief with the district court, in Mr. Stone’s closed case, that is based on this same false premise.

In fact, during an early phase of Mr. Stone’s case, the Special Counsel’s office asked to see Mr. Stone’s trial counsel at the U.S. Attorney’s office where an Assistant United States Attorney let it be known that the prosecutors wanted Stone to cooperate with the Muller investigation by providing evidence that he communicated with the Russians to help the Trump campaign win the 2016 election. In return they would have provided Stone with unspecified leniency. Stone would not lie to fit their narrative. Mr. Nadler, like Weissman, Hillary Clinton, and others have twisted this statement to assert this false claim regarding the circumstances of the decision by the President’s decision to commute Roger Stone’s sentence.

As the president stated, he provided this extraordinary act of mercy because Mr. Stone did not get a fair trial and because the courts disregarded the imminent danger of contracting the potentially fatal Covid- 19 virus in the prison where Mr. Stone was designated and where there are 122 positive cases and one recent death. All of this was done by the courts contrary to recent legal precedent and current DOJ/BOP policy of either delaying report dates or releasing prisoners.

Chairman Nadler has no qualms regurgitating the lies that the anti-Trump fake news media continues to spew in an effort to continue his failed attempts to undo the will of the voters in the 2016 election.

Today’s Democrats are evil and sick – just like the Democrats of the 1800s, who seceded from the Union to keep slavery intact.

You can help Roger Stone with his legal fees here.


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