Business Owner Behind “Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong” Shirt Banned From Facebook

Bobby Pickles, the owner of Fat Enzo,, a custom cap and t-shirt sweatshop based in West Palm Beach, is the latest person to be erased from social media for advocating for a commutation or pardon of Trump advisor Roger Stone. Pickles, the man behind the infamous ROGER STONE DID NOTHING WRONG brand, also creates promotional items for South Florida congressional candidate Laura Loomer.

Pickles has hosted both Stone and Loomer on his podcast in the past year in addition to being their go-to vendor for caps and t-shirts.

Given no explanation why he was banned from both Facebook and Twitter, it appears that he was caught up in the recent takedown of Stone and Loomer allies on social media that even claimed this GP reporter’s personal Instagram page and the Facebook page of Florida-based publication Central Florida Post. The takedown was done to stomp out “inauthentic behavior” and “misinformation” days before Roger Stone was set to report to a Coronavirus infested prison. Thankfully President Trump courageously commuted Stone’s sentence this past Friday evening.

That being said, the ban of Bobby Pickles and his business were a coordinated effort to silence supporters of President Trump, Roger Stone, Laura Loomer and alternative media outlets like The Gateway Pundit who continue to hold coup-obsessed Democrats accountable for their illegal actions against American patriots.

According to LOOMERED.COM, a news outlet founded by Laura Loomer, Pickles’ erasure from social media also came in the same week that Loomer’s congressional campaign was denied the ability to advertise to voters on Facebook.

Pickles was suspended from Facebook the same week the site banned all ads related to Laura Loomer’s Congressional campaign as well as the Facebook and Instagram accounts belonging to Roger Stone, whose 40-month sentence was just commuted yesterday by President Trump. Loomer, who has been endorsed by Stone, was reportedly in the room with Stone when President Trump called Stone to commute his sentence. Following the commutation, images of Pickles’ Loomer and Stone merch went viral.

Pickles’ tweeted on Tuesday, “I just got cancelled on Facebook and Instagram for sharing one of the links below,” posting a YouTube link of a July 4th interaction in DC of the Proud Boys and BLM protestors, and the article Washington Post misquoted him in.

Cancel culture and censorship are a rot that we must remove from the American society. Not only can they silence us, they complete acts of economic lynchings against business owners like Mr. Pickles who have families and employees to care for.


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