BREAKING: Texas Republican Convention Turns Into a Mess After Houston Democrats Attempt to Derail It – Delegates Not Provided Access to Vote

(Above Texas Republican Chairman James Dickey)

According to the Texan nine hours ago:

Federal Judge Lynn Hughes of the U.S. Southern District Court granted immediate relief to the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) Friday afternoon, requiring the City of Houston to make available the George R. Brown Convention Center both this weekend and next weekend, if necessary, for the party’s convention.

This morning, the RPT joined the lawsuit after a rough first go at its virtual convention.

Earlier this week, the Texas Supreme Court denied the RPT’s separate request for relief to hold its convention in person after the City of Houston canceled the George R. Brown convention center’s contract.

The case that RPT signed onto this morning, overseen by Steven Hotze, had been denied previously. But after the party joined, Hughes deemed there was new standing for the lawsuit.

But this didn’t stop the Houston Democrats from making a mess of the Texas Republican convention.  According to the Houston Conservative Forum:

The Republican Party of Texas (RPT) was never serious about litigating Houston First’s cancellation of the contract that permitted the RPT to use the George R. Brown Convention Center (GRB) for the State Convention.

The article above shows the Republican Party is confused with how to react to the China coronavirus.  Democrats are clear on what they want to do – shut down the US economy and riot until the 2020 election in November.  The Republicans aren’t really sure what they want to do. 

Dickey opted to hold the Republican convention online per the Texan:

Despite the new allowance, Dickey added, “The RPT is on track to hold its convention online with its approved plan from the State Republican Executive Committee,” but “if for any reason there is an issue tomorrow, we know that we have a single location where, with the necessary SREC authorizations, we could hold Congressional District Caucuses to elect our National Delegates and Alternates and Presidential Electors for President Donald J. Trump.”

But apparently it’s turning into a mess.  Today we’ve received reports that “Republican delegates still haven’t received links to MeetingPulse, the software they are to use to access the online convention, and therefore they are unable to vote today… that’s how chaotic it is”.

Another report comes from a delegate who shared with us that a vote has been taken and yet many delegates are not yet even credentialed.

The Texas Republican Convention online is turning into a mess.  This is just what the Democrats wanted.

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