Boston Red Sox Unveil Ridiculous 250 Foot Black Lives Matter Mural Next to Fenway Park

The Boston Red Sox have unveiled a massive 250 foot billboard next to Fenway Park honoring the violent Marxist Black Lives Matter movement.

There are seemingly no businesses or organizations left in America that are not forcing leftist politics down your throat.

The giant billboard facing the Massachusetts Turnpike outside Fenway was unveiled on Wednesday, the day before the much delayed Major League Baseball season is set to begin.

The Hill reports that “Red Sox president and CEO Sam Kennedy has been outspoken on the issue of social injustice since the mass protests swept the country.”

“Please know we stand with you,” Kennedy wrote in a statement on the team’s website under the title, “Social Justice, Equity and Inclusion.”

“Silence in the face of injustice is unacceptable,” he added.

Players from the San Francisco Giants and Cincinnati Reds have already taken a knee during the anthem, as well as the Giants manager Gabe Kapler — the first manager or head coach from any sport to do so.


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