Biden’s ‘Warning’ to Russian President Vladimir Putin About Non-Existent Election Meddling is Laughable (VIDEO)

Joe Biden is a feeble puppet so his ‘warning’ to Russian President Vladimir Putin about non-existent election meddling was laughable.

The 77-year-old presumptive Democrat nominee on Monday threatened Putin from his Delaware basement during a live broadcast.

“And Putin knows I mean what I say,” Biden said wagging his finger. “This is a violation of our sovereignty, our sovereignty — and in fact if it [election meddling] occurs, there will be response in kind.”

Scary Biden continued, “It will not go unstated, unnoticed or unreported.”

If Biden is so concerned about our sovereignty, the why did he just release a plan with Bernie to abolish our borders?


The Democrats are once again crying about foreign interference in the presidential election.

Top Democrat lawmakers in both the House and Senate wrote a letter to the FBI asking the bureau to provide Congress with a counterintelligence briefing on a so-called ‘concerted foreign interference’ campaign targeting Congress and the 2020 election.

Grenell said the Gang of Eight were already briefed by the FBI weeks ago so the Dems’ request is just a CYA.

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