Austin Police Confirm TWO People Opened Fire in Deadly Shooting During Black Lives Matter Protest

Police have confirmed that two people fired shots during an altercation in Austin on Saturday night between a motorist and a Black Lives Matter protester, during which the protester was shot and killed.

Police say that the man who was killed, Garrett Foster, was armed and confronted the vehicle — but was not the other person who fired shots.

“Officials believe one shooter was the driver of a car and the other was in the crowd and may have opened fire on the car as it drove away,” KVUE reports. “Neither shooter was the man who was killed.”

The Austin Police said during a late night press conference that Foster was carrying a rifle and may have approached the vehicle prior to the shooting.

A still frame from footage of the incident appears to show Foster in a posture that looks like he was pointing a weapon at the driver.

“One adult male victim was located with a gunshot wound,” the press officer said, before confirming he passed away at the hospital shortly after. “Initial reports indicate that the victim may have been carrying a rifle and approached the suspect vehicle. Suspect was in the vehicle and shot at the victim. Suspect was detained and is cooperating with officers.”

Police have not yet determined what charges either shooter will face, if any. The driver is in custody and has been cooperating with the investigation.

In a video filmed prior to his death, Foster said that he was carrying a weapon to protests but did not believe he would ever have to use it because the “people who hate us” are “too big of p-ssies to actually do anything about it.”

The incident was captured on Facebook Live. It appeared that the crowd was blocking traffic and possibly surrounding the car prior to the shooting.

In the footage, you can clearly hear rounds being fired from two different guns.




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