MORE WINNING: Trump Approval Rate At 41% Among Likely Black Voters

Watch for more liberal heads exploding, as Trump’s approval rating is at 41% among likely black voters according to a new Rasmussen poll.

With a 25% “strongly approve” and a 16% “somewhat approve,” Trump is riding high on the Biden blowback. Note that he has a 43% approval from other minority groups as well.

No telling what those numbers might jump to as the left continues to push the chaos in major cities via the George Floyd protests.

This spells big time trouble for the democrats, and Biden is sure to stick his foot in his mouth several more times as campaign season ramps up.

Speaking of Biden, only 27% of black voters agreed with his quip about not being black if they don’t support him.

The left and their allies in the media have tried impeachment, they’ve tried calling Trump a white supremacist countless times, they’ve tried to destroy the economy by over-hyping the virus scare, they’re in the middle of pushing race riots… and none of it is working for them. What might their next scheme be?


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