WATCH: Emotional Police Officer Announces Resignation In Facebook Video, Says Police Face “Crusade Against Us”

At a time when massive anti-police protests are taking place across the United States, a 10-year veteran police officer in Winchester, Tennessee announced his resignation this week in a video published on social media, citing an increasingly negative view of law enforcement as his reason.

“I just can’t take it anymore,” said Winchester Police Officer Dustin Elliott in his video, tears running down his face.

His emotional video comes amid a nationwide anti-police protest movement in response to the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody on May 25.

“We all need to understand where law enforcement is and the crusade against us that is weighing on every officers’ heart in America right now,” Elliott said in the video.

“It’s devastating to be a police officer right now and to know what’s going on and how people feel about you and the things that you do in this job and the sacrifices you make,” he said. “There’s a lot that would rather see you dead just because of the uniform you wear.”

Elliot said his decision to resign was “really hard.”

“I put in my notice, and this is the end of me being a cop. After 10 years, I just can’t take it anymore. I’m done with it,” he said.



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