Roger Stone Discusses Current Dilemma with Lou Dobbs – Corrupt Judge Amy Berman Jackson Will Decide Whether He Goes to Prison Now or Not

Roger Stone was on Lou Dobbs this evening discussing the outrageous situation the Obama Deep State put him in.  Stone has been directed to report to prison despite being elderly and the COVID virus being reported in the prison he is to report to.

We’ve reported on the abusive actions that the corrupt Mueller gang took in their arrest and indictment of Roger Stone.

This all started when Stone was ambushed at 6 AM at his house in Florida by twenty-something FBI agents and CNN reporters based on total garbage charges related to Russia collusion which didn’t exist (and the investigators and prosecutors knew it).

Last week Roger Stone provided us an historic response to the Muller gang’s recent corrupt actions and the kangaroo court he then had to endure.

by Roger Stone

[emphasis ours]

Late yesterday the Department of Justice released previously redacted sections of the discredited Report regarding me. The Russian Collusion and Wikileaks collaboration so adamantly insisted would be proved by propaganda fronts like Mother Jones, Vox and CNN is nowhere to be found.

One of the redacted sections the Mueller report released yesterday re-cycles the false claim by Michael Cohen that he overheard a conversation on the telephone between me and candidate Donald Trump in 2016 regarding the WikiLeaks disclosures. The President has denied this in his written answers to Mueller and I have denied it under oath before the House Intelligence Committee. This was not among even the contrived charges against me for lying to Congress. No such conversation ever took place.

This is not new. Michael Cohen made this same claim under oath to the House Oversight Committee on February 27, 2019 in a public hearing which was widely covered. It is also false and Mueller’s dirty cops could find no corroboration whatsoever for this fantasy. First Cohen told the Dirty Cops that this alleged call happened in July during the Democratic National Convention. Then he changed his story and said it was in August just before the Republican National Convention.

I denied Cohen’s lie in February 2019 and was chastised by Judge Amy Berman Jackson for commenting on it and thus violating her unconstitutional gag order even though my simple public comment had been approved by my lawyer

My only comment at the time was “Mr. Cohen’s claim is not true” however DOJ prosecutor Adam Jed said in a filing with the DC Court of Appeals in response to a Writ of Mandamus that I filed regarding the gag order that I called Cohen who he said was “a prospective witness” at my trial a “liar” which I never said. Jed used a newspaper link that does NOT quote me as saying this as documentation. In other words Adam Jed perpetrated a fraud upon the Court, among the many acts of misconduct by the prosecutors in my case that will be the subject of a formal complaint to the Office of Professional Responsibility at the DOJ as well as the DC Bar next week. Cohen was not called at my Soviet style show trial.

As to the alleged conversations with Manafort and Gates referred to in yesterday’s released material, which frankly I have no memory whatsoever of and the government could find no corroboration of – they are completely consistent with what I was saying on Twitter at the time and are based on Assange’s own many public comments and by the tip by leftist gadfly Randy Credico that the WikiLeaks disclosures would be harmful to Hillary’s campaign and would come in October. I supplied 30 pages of text messages between Credico and myself to the Office of Special Counsel that confirm Credico saying exactly that. I also released this material publicly because the Mueller Investigation was a politically motivated witch hunt, this exculpatory information was ignored.

Even as you read this the Federal Bureau of prisons has informed my attorneys the Attorney General William Barr’s COVID – 19 directive that federal inmates convicted of non-violent crimes be moved from prison incarceration to home confinement apply to Michael Avenatti, Michael Cohen and Rick Gates but not Roger Stone. On June 30, I must report to a federal penitentiary far from my home where there’s a documented presence of COVID-19. At 65 years old and with a history of asthma this is a death sentence. This is the Federal Bureau of Prisons, under control of Attorney General William Barr. So much for the claim by the Democrats that Barr has shown me preferential treatment in my sentencing.

I will continue to fight for my freedom and will exhaust every legal remedy possible after which I pray that President Donald Trump will issue clemency as an act of both justice and mercy.

In the meantime I need your help. Please go to StoneDefenseFund.Com

Tonight Stone was on with Lou Dobbs and he reiterated his position. His case is currently in the hands of the most corrupt judge in the US – Judge Amy Berman Jackson.

Even the President knows Judge Jackson is corrupt:

Stone shared the following on Lou Dobbs:

Please donate to Roger Stone to help him pay his legal fees at – Roger Stone Legal Defense Fund and pray for him and his family during this outrageous time.

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