Rioters Destroy Detroit Family’s Home and Truck, Kill Their Dog

A Detroit father of five is reeling after rioters destroyed his home and work truck, and killed their family dog.

Roderick Reynolds spoke to Fox 2 News about his heartbreak over what has happened.

“I put my family first. I put every dollar I got into this house,” Reynolds told Fox. “It’s a lot of stuff that I want, but I prioritize for my family. Every dollar. Every dollar I get I put into my house, and I take care of my kids.”

A GoFundMe for Reynolds has raised nearly $400,000 in just one day.

“Hard working father of 5 home burned to ground after being set ablaze on Thursday morning.  Family dog was lost in fire. Father purchased home from land bank for his family an was working day an night on home.  Home was a few weeks away from being habitable so that he could obtain home insurance,” the GoFundMe description explains. “This is beyond heart breaking to receive a call that your home you invested blood, sweat, and tears in literally was no more.”


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