Media Attacks President Trump’s Tulsa Rally – But Biden’s PA Event Was So Low Energy, Reporters Didn’t Even Know Biden Entered the Room!

Biden’s Darby, PA ‘event’

The liars in the mainstream media can’t get their talking points straight.

They condemned President Trump for holding such a large rally during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Then they lied to Americans that the rally was a failure and no one showed up.

THOUSANDS were inside and outside the Bank of Oklahoma Center in Tulsa on Saturday despite Black Lives Matter thugs blocking the entrance.

According to Trump 2020 senior advisor, Jason Miller, 11.2 million people watched Trump’s Tulsa rally online — and that doesn’t even count the people who watched on TV!

Meanwhile, ‘Hiden Biden’ emerged from his Delaware basement last week to speak in Darby, Pennsylvania on the reopening of the US economy.

Only 20 people attended Biden’s event and that included media!

According to the New York Times, Biden’s event consisted of “20 handpicked local officials, small-business owners and reporters sat in folding chairs, each placed within a large white circle taped on the floor of a recreation center to maintain — or at least encourage — social distancing.”

No one even noticed when Biden entered the room!

The New York Times reporter covering Biden’s Darby event said Biden “arrived with such little fanfare” that she “didn’t even notice him enter the room.

“There was no introduction by an organizer to pump up a crowd that wasn’t there, as is typical with campaign events. He just stood behind a lectern, pasted with the placard “Reopen Right: Safer and Stronger,” and began reading a speech off the teleprompters,” NY Times reporter Lisa Lerer wrote.

Biden has gone over 80 days without a press conference because he doesn’t have the mental faculties to spar with reporters.

As expected, the same media that attacked Trump’s Tulsa rally, actually praised Biden for being ‘responsible’ and holding a smaller event with social distancing circles!

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