Kayleigh McEnany RIPS Media For Double Standard on Trump Rallies and BLM Riots (VIDEO)

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Wednesday blasted the media for their double standards on Trump rallies and Blacks Lives Matter riots.

The same media sycophants who applaud the BLM riots are now blasting President Trump for holding rallies during a so-called pandemic.

NBC News applauded the tens of thousands of ‘black trans lives matter’ protesters and literally an hour later said ‘health experts’ are questioning Trump’s decision to hold a rally.

A liberal attorney even filed a lawsuit seeking an injunction to stop President Trump’s Tulsa rally.

This has nothing to do with a virus. It is an attack on the First Amendment based on ideology.

Kayleigh McEnany ripped the fake news media and cited several examples of their astounding hypocrisy.

“Ideology is driving the line of questioning in many of these cases when it should be focused on science.”


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