If the Growth and Fervor of President Trump’s Student Movement Is Any Indication, Then ‘That Star Spangled Banner Does Yet Wave…’ 

‘That Star Spangled Banner Does Yet Wave…’

Gateway Pundit Staff Writer

Against a cultural and political backdrop characterized by a wave of political violence and property destruction perpetrated by ongoing BLM and Antifa protests that have marred many of America’s major metropolitan areas,  President Trump began his 1.5 hour address at Turning Point USA and Students for Trump’s Action Rally stating, “Thank you for bravely defending our nation and values and our great American Heroes. You are on the front lines of a tremendous intellectual struggle for our country. You are fighting against a left wing ideology that seeks to purge all voices of dissent. The radical left demands absolute conformity.” 

President Trump’s opening statements were more like an historic clarion call, eliciting inspirational reactions from the young attendees, mostly composed of high school and college age students, who descended on Phoenix, AZ from around the country yesterday to hear President Trump speak filling the Dream City Church auditorium to maximum capacity with 3000 attendees.  According to Students for Trump Founder, Ryan Fournier, this youth movement can be described as “one of the most aggressive political outreach movements, encompassing millions of students, who are mobilized to fight for Pres Trump this Fall.”  

If the turnout and unabashed enthusiasm of this student rally is any measure, the conservative youth demographic has expanded since the 2016 Presidential Election, when then Candidate Trump won just one-third of young voters, according to Tufts University’s Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement Study published post- election in late 2016.  Given the increased employment, economic opportunities and overall confidence that the Trump Administration has indisputably attained for this key demographic over the course of the last 3.5 years,  it’s only logical to assume that he will inspire a larger percentage of the Gen Z and Millennial demographic to vote for him in November.      

President Trump stated, “You will not be silenced.  You are the courageous warriors standing in the way of their goals, standing for freedom,” which elicited immediate chants of “USA, USA”  from the  eager attendees.   “The radical left hates everything we stand for. The left wing mob is trying to demolish our heritage, desecrating monuments, censoring dissenters, the behavior of totalitarianism and tyrants. Their goal is a sickness, ”  he underscored.  “Now they are after George Washington and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, Ulysses S. Grant, some of them don’t even know who they are.  How about Gandhi and Churchill?  We have to cherish and understand our history, both good and bad, because if we don’t understand our history, it could all happen again,” he concluded.    

“We are here to declare we will never cave to radical left-wIng intolerance or surrender to left-wing mob violence.  We stand with the citizens in every community in our country, who wish to live in safety, security and peacefully.  We don’t back down from bullies and the only authority we worship is our God.  These are the values that powered our nation, propelled civilization  and human achievement, ” he proclaimed evoking inspired applause from the young crowd, who are identifying with being part of a movement that is historic.  

In classic form, President Trump challenged the controversy and disinformation surrounding his campaign’s Oklahoma Rally last Saturday Night, stating that 7.6mm viewed his rally on television, setting an historic viewership record for the Fox News Channel, while another 4mm unique viewers watched online across all of the campaign’s digital media channels.  The young audience embraced President Trump’s boldness in the face of the unrelenting attacks from the majority of the legacy media infrastructure, whose corruption has become more apparent for the majority of Americans.  In an increasingly post-COVID-19 America, there can be little doubt that Trump’s base is as expansive and as dedicated as ever, particularly now that the silent majority have witnessed waves of radical left-wing violence coupled with the endless false data-driven predictions of a fear-mongering left-leaning legacy media.   

Picking up the attack against Democrat rival Joe Biden, “Today he is with President Obama — he’s fighting for Sleepy Joe. Obama fought me harder than Crooked Hillary.  Who won? I’m only here because of him. If they had done a good job, I wouldn’t be here.” he stated, referencing Former President Obama and Former Vice President Biden’s increasingly tarnished political legacy, as more evidence emerges of unlawful acts in what President Trump has coined the #ObamaGate scandal.  

Particularly moving was a speech given by Nia Moore, an African -American college student from Minneapolis, who President Trump invited to take the stage, where she stated, “Unfortunately the murder of George Floyd has created chaos in my home state. BLM is about police brutality once every four years.  If BLM truly cared about black lives, they wouldn’t have allowed the riots to  destroy black  businesses in black communities, and if BLM cared about black lives they would address the astronomically high numbers of  black-on-black crime in the inner-cities.”  In sharp contrast to the BLM mantra, she proclaimed emphatically ” We do believe that black lives matter — they all matter!”   

President Trump expounded on the topic stating, “The american people have watched in horror as the left wing organizations have looted, attacked, and killed policemen and citizens, and have vandalized the Lincoln Memorial.  We are not going to take lectures from the left wing mob, who want to de-fund and abolish the police.  The 20 most dangerous cities in our country are all run by Democrats — the left doesn’t protest these travesties,” highlighting BLM and Antifa’s glaring ideological weaknesses. 

Pivoting toward his vision of America’s future, he stated,  “Our movement is based on love not hate, love of our country and our fellow citizens.  We embrace the noble vision of Martin Luther King Jr.  and believe people should not be judged based on the color of the skin, but on the content of their character.  This is a choice of two futures, our vision is for equal opportunity and justice for all, ” he stated, underscoring a stark political contrast. 

President Trump closed his lengthy address by identifying the clear battle lines in what has become one of America’s most graphic cultural and political struggles, “The radical left are waging war on our timeless values. You can judge a movement by its behavior. The young patriots here today do not burn buildings, you conduct yourself with honor and dignity. You are at the crossroads of history right now — everything generations past shed their blood to defend.  It is a difficult time in our country, a time like no other. Your generation is proving that your hearts are filled with the fire and fervor of true American patriots.  Calling on the boldness and bravery of your generation, we will unite as one people, one family, and one extraordinary nation under God.  With your help, this moment will be a turning point in American history that will be remembered and celebrated for generations to come. For our beloved country, the best is yet to come!”  

In an ironic twist of fate and in spite of the ‘so-called progressive’ left’s recent public debacle resulting in the mindless desecration of Francis Scott Key’s statue, among other historic monuments, Key’s poetic words stand outside of time, resounding just as loudly today as they did at daybreak on September 14, 1814, giving yet another kind of proof through the political night that that star-spangled banner does yet wave, for the land of the free and the home of the brave.  


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