FINALLY: DC Police Are Not Letting the Mob Run the City Tonight, Rioters in a Panic (VIDEOS)

The DC police are not sitting back and letting violent mobs overrun the city tonight and it is causing the militant leftists to panic.

In a refreshing change, the DC Metropolitan Police stopped a criminal mob of vandals attempting to tear down a statue of Andrew Jackson outside the White House. They used chemical irritants to disperse the crowd.

Like children who are being told “no” for the first time, the criminals took to Twitter to whine about the rules being enforced.

“ALERT: Protesters and law enforcement are fighting in Lafayette Park. SIGNIFICANT DANGER,” a far-left anarchist account dedicated to tweeting police and protest locations tweeted in a panic. “PROTECT VULNERABLE PROTESTERS.”

Police are reportedly prepared to stop the demonstrators from constructing a “Black House Autonomous Zone” similar to the one set up in Seattle, that has been plagued by violence, thefts, and even murder.

The mob has also vandalized the historic St. John’s Church across from the White House once again, just weeks after they lit it on fire.

The Gateway Pundit will be providing updates on the potential riot unfolding in DC throughout the evening.


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