COVID PANIC CON’T: Researchers Suggest Wearing Helmets With Built-In Air Filters, Face Shields, Disposable Gowns — And Two Pairs Of Gloves

The pandemic panic is now officially out of control.

And Fox News, like all the other mainstream media outlets, is now in on the whole deal.

A study written by two guys, Talib Dbouka (who a quick Google search is at the University of Nicosia in Nicosia, Cyprus) and Dimitris Drikakis, a professor of Fluid Mechanics and Computational Science at someplace called Cranfield University, have published their study in something called Physics of Fluid.

And Fox bought it all — hook, line and sinker.

“Face coverings alone do not prevent droplets of fluid that are projected by a cough, a discovery the researchers called “alarming.” It adds to the importance to also maintain proper social distancing measures, they said,” Fox wrote.

“The use of a mask will not provide complete protection,” Drikakis said in a statement. “Therefore, social distancing remains essential.”

Oh, did we mention that’s in a “coughing fit”?

Then there’s this, from the “study.”

“The fluid dynamics and the interactions between the droplets, the filter, and the face influence mask efficiency. We show that after ten cough cycles, efficiency can drop ∼8%. The above is a conservative prediction considering that we model a mild cough incident and ten cough cycles.”

So make that “10 cough cycles.”

“The researchers suggested wearing ‘much more complete personal protective equipment,’ including helmets with built-in air filters, face shields, disposable gowns and two sets of gloves,” Fox wrote.

Yup, two pairs of gloves.

Said Dbouka: “The model was created using complex mathematical equations for turbulence and other flow effects. A sequence of coughs was modeled by applying several cycles of forward-directed velocity pulses to the initial droplets. The researchers performed numerical simulations that account for droplet interactions with the porous filter in a surgical mask.”



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