Corrupt World Health Organization Does a 180 – Now Says Asymptomatic Spread of Coronavirus is “Very Rare” (VIDEO)

The corrupt World Health Organization did a complete 180 on Monday.

The WHO is now admitting that asymptomatic spread of the Coronavirus is “very rare.”

For months, the world was told to stay home and if you dare go out in public, wear a mask and stay 6 feet away from each other.

For months, the world was told that the Coronavirus would kill millions in the US alone because the virus would be difficult to contain due to asymptomatic transmission and infections.

Now WHO officials are saying asymptomatic spread of COVID-19 is “very rare.”

Is it a coincidence that the WHO is now admitting asymptomatic spread of the Coronavirus is rare after left-wing rioters took to the streets and burned cities down?

“They’re not finding secondary transmission onward. It’s very rare.” WHO official Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove said. “It appears to be rare that an asymptomatic individual actually transmits onward.”


Masks plus 6 feet of social distancing is fake science based on nothing but poor speculation (and lies).

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