“Comedian” Thinks It Is Amusing To Masquerade As a BLM Member And Humiliate A White Woman to Get on Her Knees and Apologize For Her “White Privilege” (VIDEO)

Corrected: This post has been updated to reflect that the video in question is “comedy” posted by Youtube user Smooth Sanchez who is not an official Black Lives Matter representative.

It’s supposed to be funny right?  Satire.  Hilarious.

But make no mistake, though it is being framed as “comedy” every single Communist wants every white person in America to do this.

Policemen across the country are kneeling before far-left protesters and rioters.

Is it it far fetched they might believe they have the authority to tell white Americans to kneel and apologize….for the color of their skin?

A “comedian” posed as a member of BLM and approached a white woman in Manhattan and said his “CEO” told him to bring white people to their knees because they have “white privilege.”

She immediately got on her knees as he asked her to “apologize for her white privilege.”

The comedian posing as a thug also forced the woman to denounce President Trump.

WATCH this the video and you decide….is it funny or foreshadowing?

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