Bubba Wallace ‘Offended’ by Hoax Theories as Insider Says ‘Noose’ Found in Black NASCAR Driver’s Garage Stall May Be Serpentine Belt (VIDEO)

Bubba Wallace

NASCAR on Sunday released a statement revealing that a noose was reportedly found in top driver Bubba Wallace’s Talladega garage stall.

“We have launched an immediate investigation, and will do everything we can to identify the person(s) responsible and eliminate them from the sport.” NASCAR said on Sunday.

Bubba Wallace is NASCAR’s only top level black driver and a very vocal supporter of Black Lives Matter.

A fellow team member reportedly found a noose in Wallace’s garage stall after NASCAR banned the use of the Confederate flag.

An insider says the noose may be a serpentine belt.

“What if I was to tell you @BubbaWallace of @NASCAR noose was really a serpentine belt. 🧐#insiderscoop #fakenews” former pro-baseball player Aubrey Huff tweeted.

Examples from garages at Talladega speedway of rope ‘noose’ hanging down:

Aubrey Huff said that he had VIP treatment into NASCAR trailers and the security is so tight that there is no way an angry fan could have gotten inside and hung a noose in Bubba’s garage.

And where the hell is the picture of the so-called noose?

Bubba Wallace is on the Jussie Smollett circuit.

He was seen crying on his race car as his fellow NASCAR drivers and their teams rallied around him before yesterday’s race.


He also appeared on “The View” Tuesday morning to discuss the noose found in his garage stall.

Wallace lashed out and said he was “offended” by hoax theories.

“It’s simple-minded people like that, the ones that are afraid of change, they use everything in their power to defend what they stand up for… instead of trying to listen and understand what’s going on.” Wallace said.

The NASCAR driver said he has spoken to the FBI about the noose incident.


On Monday, the Justice Department launched an investigation into the noose that was found.

“The U.S. Attorney’s office for the Northern District of Alabama, FBI and the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division are reviewing the situation surrounding the noose that was found in Bubba Wallace’s garage to determine whether there are violations of federal law,” US Attorney Jay E. Town said in statement.”Regardless of whether federal charges can be brought, this type of action has no place in our society.”

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