IN BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Today Simona Mangiante Papadopoulos Sets the Record Straight on Her Life Before and After Meeting George Papadopoulos

Simona Mangiante Papadopoulos was a young, intelligent and beautiful Italian woman when she met George Papadopoulos in 2016.

Her life was soon turned upside down. The man she loved was targeted by the Deep State and then the FBI had the audacity to ask young Ms. Mangiante to spy on her husband.

When the young Italian started discussing her former boss Joseph Mifsud and his ties to the Clinton Foundation, things really got bad.

Today she wanted to get the record straight.

We reported on Simona Mangiante Papadopoulos and her rise to fame from her beginnings in Caserta, Italy, to her marriage to George Papadopoulos in March, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois.

Simona Mangiante went to law school in Italy and obtained her degree in 2004 (degree below):

Soon after, Ms. Mangiante was accepted to the bar in Italy (Naples – below):

Within a few years, Ms. Mangiante was working for one of the most powerful organizations in Europe, the European Union (below is a copy of her business card):

By 2011, Ms. Mangiante was working for the EU and representing that organization at a conference as an expert on a panel discussing a model law for child protection.   She sat beside the Italian representative to the EU, Roberta Angelilli, at another event discussing child protection:

At a later date Ms. Mangiante was on Italian television representing her client a few days before she met George Papadopoulos in 2017:

The Papadopoulos’s met online after both working for the London Centre of International Law Practice. They both worked with Joseph Mifsud. Simona called Mifsud “sneaky” and in her testimony before Congress that was recently and finally released by House Democrats, Simona reported that Mifsud worked for the Clinton Foundation. This contradicted what Democrats and the MSM claimed – that Mifsud was a Russian spy.

We reported the Deep State FBI asked young Simona, now a model, to spy on her husband!

But what happened next was even more egregious.

According to Simona, in a discussion with the Gateway Pundit, if you look at the time line after she talked about the Mifsud connection to the Clintons in July, 2018 to Congress, you will see that she became a target of the Deep State.

In a Gateway Pundit exclusive, Mrs. Papadopoulos shared with us the following:

Defamation has a power.  It is the power of shaping narratives, destroying individual’s credibility and assassinating the dignity of a human being. Funny enough, vile public attacks seem to be tolerated when it comes to people like me. Defamatory articles are written and tolerated by the same people who “battle” for human rights, exhibitionists of a selective “good heart” and a “license to hate” with whoever disagree politically with them. 

I have been portrayed by Stedman [an far left prankster on Twitter], the Observer and other liberal warriors as a shady individual with a “strange past”.  In so doing, my entire life was ignored – a monster has been created out of the blue.  These individuals immorally used unlikely “sources “ such as two petty family members (not related to my side) who don’t know anything about me, yet they were ranting impossible things about me, including that I was an escort “bringing $300k cash in suitcases”.

Of course those “journalists” didn’t bother to verify any of these fantasies that also became a chapter of a book. At one time when I was a “suspected Russian spy”, ABC NEWS went up to my home town in Italy, spoke with my parents who gave them access to our home in Caserta.  They scrutinized my background, including at city hall but they didn’t find any “crime“ so they decided to not write any profile about me.  Today still a bunch of politically driven trolls harass me daily with the utmost disrespectful allegations toward me and my family. Their vulgar comments are totally uncalled for, mostly for my family who decided to stay away from the spotlight and is dealing with more serious issues, as my father has compromised health conditions.

Who am I behind these headlines? I am an Italian citizen born to two Italian parents in the south of Italy.  A city called Caserta – on my father’s side I have some Swiss blood and a lovely family in Luzern.  My father is a college director, a classicist, with a background in Latin and Greek culture and literature.  He presided for years over the cultural Institute for arts and tourism in my region, Campania.  My mother was an English teacher from a middle class family of educators to whom I owe my solid values that guide me as I walk through life. 

Growing up, education was very important in my family and despite this, I was always into fashion and entertainment as a natural inclination, but my parents directed me to study law.  I graduated at the University of Naples with the highest qualification notes, and practiced international law in Paris, Brussels, Washington and New York (on a Mayer & Brown foreign internship program with John Schmitz).

I passed the bar in Italy on 2009.  My strong international background led me to find a job at the European Parliament, where I worked 7 years and reached a brilliant career up to becoming an “Administrator for the Secretariat of Bureau and Quaestors” which is in the presidency office (composed by the President, the 14 Vice Presidents and the Quaestors). I was legal advisor to the Vice President in charge of policies in international child abductions.  We dealt with both practical cases and policy making.  I participated, among other things, in a panel of experts at a John Hopkins University gathering, and contributed to write a “model of law “ in child protection. I traveled the world to work on access to The Hague Convention for cases of international child abduction, for those countries not signatories of the convention.

I always cultivated a passion for fashion and arts, and I paid for myself, while working as a lawyer at the EU, a summer program at an acting school at the NYFA. Arts was my oxygen out of the Parliamentary seats of the European bureaucracy.  When my contract as temporary agent of the European Union expired in August 2016, I shortly joined the shady London Center of International Law Practice (for 3 months) to then start my own legal practice in child abductions. I became spokesperson for an association of parents whose children had been victims of child abductions and represented many of them in quite notorious cases. One of them became particularly mediatic – and I was regular host of Italian Rai TV to discuss my client’s case.  I was on TV defending my client as an international lawyer, on March 2017… only a few days before I met George for the first time in New York… And the rest is history.

Love changed my life.  I moved to America when George was in the middle of his legal troubles.  I left it all behind. He became my ultimate legal “case” I devoted my time to defend unconditionally and fiercely.  Today I would say successfully.  In the process I was assassinated as result of my efforts.  My professional and personal dignity have been undermined, crushed, humiliated.  From a respected lawyer at the EU I became a spy, a dubious person, a liar … some doors closed but others opened .. what was my hobby back in time became my job today.

I am an actress and a model and I can say I had the most unpredictable turnover ever.  While some twists are ironic others are pretty sad.  The media can be a cruel machine that doesn’t leave anyone untouched.  And no, I am not a spy, not even a celebrity, only a simple girl from a good family who happened to fall in love, change her life and believe in a cause. And yes, my sensitivity matters too.

Mrs. Papadopoulos has moved on with her modeling career and now she is running for MAXIM Cover Girl.

Ms. Papadopoulos was targeted, along with her husband, by the Deep State because they knew too much about the Obama and Clinton ties to the Russia Collusion lie. But they have moved on and Mrs. Papadopoulos hopes some day to be the next MAXIM Cover Girl.

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