Biden Trashes Trump, Tells Gigantic Lie About His Coronavirus Response While Meeting with Community Leaders in Black Church (VIDEO)

Joe Biden trashed President Trump and told a gigantic lie about his Coronavirus response while meeting with community leaders in a black church in Wilmington on Monday.

Biden looked like a complete idiot with a face mask around his chin.

Biden falsely claimed he called for a nationwide lockdown in January in response to the Coronavirus.

“If [Trump] had shut it down a month earlier, we’d have probably another 45-60 thousand people alive instead of dead… He didn’t listen to guys like me back in January saying ‘we have a problem'” Biden said lying his face off.


Biden never called for a lockdown in January.

In fact, Biden was out campaigning until the second week of March.

Joe Biden also lashed out at President Trump and called him a xenophobe for restricting incoming flights from China.