Author Terry Turchie: The Democrat Party has Adopted All of the Weather Underground Strategies for Resistance Into Their Party Platform (VIDEO)

Author Terry Turchie joined Laura Ingraham on Friday night to discuss the ongoing rioting, police attacks and mass protests organized by the American left in numerous cities across the US.

The riots going on today around the country are no surprise.  They are backed by domestic terrorists, Black Lives Matter, US Islamists and others linked to the Democrat Party as we have previously pointed out.

The riots also have everything to do with the prior Barack Obama administration that is still  leading the Democrat Party.  These operational tactics were used by the militant Weather Underground 50 years ago.

The Weather Underground was a group of young violent communists, including Bill Ayers, who were against the war in Vietnam and were active in bombing buildings across the country in their attempts to end the war and create societal change.  Ayers later would be associated with Barack Obama in Chicago, a claim that Obama denied.  Others believe Ayers was very close to Obama.

Author Terry Turchie on the Ingraham Angle, noted the following about the Weather Underground last night:

What was their strategy?  Their strategy was resistance.  Not too long, maybe 5 minutes after President Trump won the election in 2016, Democrat Party leaders came out and said we’re going to resist.  We’re going to embark upon a strategy of resistance of the President.  But that’s not, that’s only the beginning.

The document, the Prairie Fire document, actually contained 6 points that the Weather Underground felt very important about.  These were the planning points that would bring about this revolution.

Here are the points from the Weather Underground on “Revolutionary anti-Imperialism” noted by Turchie:

Police brutality was used by the Weather Underground.  Turchie continues:

Police racism then and police racism now is a phony issue.  It has always been a phony issue.   It’s the issue that Communist societies use to literally tear apart America and be divisive.

Turchie then argues that, “All of this has been adopted into the 2016 party platform in almost the same language you have on the screen.”

Listen to more about Obama’s Democrat Party below.

Via The Ingraham Angle:

Don’t kid yourself.  Obama is the leader of the Democrat Party. This is not your mom and dad’s Democrat Party today.
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