Anti-White Activist Follows Terrified White Woman Home, Films Her — Leftists Celebrate Harassment

A Seattle-based Black Lives Matter activist with the Twitter handle “wypipo-h8,” slang for “white people hate,” followed a terrified white woman home, harassed her, filmed her address and license plate, and is attempting to ruin her life for some social media clout.

Karlos Dillard describes himself as an “author, entrainer, and public speaker.” He is also a racist woman abuser.

In a video that he tweeted, the activist claimed that he followed a terrified woman home because she had flipped him off. As she shakes and cries in terror, he yells at her for cutting him off and continues to make wilder and wilder claims against her until he eventually tells a passerby that she called him the n-word. Something that he left out at the beginning and in his tweet. Almost like, that did not happen at all.

This isn’t the first time Dillard has done this to a woman. In another video that he took while working at his job as a Postmates driver, he accused an Asian woman of being racist for asking to see his identification to confirm the order. Much like in his latest stunt, he changes his story midway through the video, telling another passerby that the woman called him the n-word.

Leftist and black Twitter, of course, were happy to grant him assistance with his stalking and harassment of this frightened woman. Within 15 hours, the video had 125,000 likes and had nearly 4.5 million views. The media happily piled on her as well, claiming that she was overreacting — even though we have all seen this story play out a hundred times before. White woman is harassed, filmed, and Twitter gets her fired from her job and inundates her with threats until her life is in shambles.

So much for feminism.


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