AG Barr Directs Federal Riot Teams to DC, Miami in Response to Violent Left-Wing Mobs

US Attorney General William Barr

US Attorney General Bill Barr on Monday directed the Bureau of Prisons to send a riot teams to DC and Miami in response to the violent left-wing mobs.

Left-wing terrorists descended upon the White House Sunday night, setting fires around the area.

This isn’t about the death of George Floyd. The left is using George Floyd’s murder as an excuse to usher in a violent Communist revolution.

FBI agents assisted the D.C. police and the national guard Sunday night.

President Trump was reportedly taken to the underground bunker in the White House five stories below ground.

On Monday, Bill Barr deployed the federal riot teams to stop the terrorists.

Via USA Today:

Attorney General William Barr has deployed federal riot teams to Washington, D.C., and Miami in an attempt to quell violent clashes between protesters and police.

Riot teams are being sent from the federal Bureau of Prisons, while the FBI also has directed its elite Hostage Rescue Unit to help in D.C., a senior Justice Department official said Monday.

A weekend of rioting in the nation’s capital left deep scars in the shadow of the White House and across the city where 88 people have been arrested, while dozens of law enforcement officers, including Secret Service agents were injured. The federal prison riot team arrived in Miami Sunday.

Leftists set fire to historic St. John’s Church across from the White House Sunday night.

The National Guard used flash bangs and tear gas to push back the rioters.

However, after a night of destruction only a couple dozen people were arrested in DC.

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