82-Year-Old Man Tears Up as He Recalls Being Body Slammed, Beaten by Violent Left-Wing Thug For Being a Trump Supporter (VIDEO)

This is heartbreaking.

An 82-year-old man became very emotional as he recalled being body slammed and beaten by a left-wing thug for the ‘crime’ of being a Trump supporter.

Charlie Chase, 82, of Fall River, Massachusetts teared up during his interview with the local media about the alarming attack from a violent leftist.

The attacker, 27-year-old Aiden Courtright, was arrested and charged.

“Why are we treating each other like this? It tears me up,” Mr. Chase said.

“I think it comes from the love I have for the country,” he said through tears.

Mr. Chase was holding up a Trump sign while standing on the side of the road when a motorist stopped and began to berate him.

Aiden Courtright jumped out of his car, verbally abused Chase, ripped up his Trump poster and began to beat him.

“The guy jumped at me and he lifted me up then body slammed me,” Chase said.

Witnesses said Aiden Courtright proceeded to kick Mr. Chase in the ribs and legs with pointed shoes.

Donald Trump Jr. asked the public for help in contacting Charlie Chase.


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