13-Year-Old Girl With Autism Says She Was Attacked TWICE for Being White and Having a Pro-Trump Family

A 13-year-old Kentucky girl with autism says that she was brutally attacked by older teenagers twice in recent weeks for being white and having a family that supports President Donald Trump.

The teenagers also attacked her mother and younger siblings.

The young girl’s father had post-traumatic stress disorder and took his own life in 2017, which left her mother, Priscilla Mansell, trying her best to take care of their four children on her own. Unfortunately, this meant that they had to move to a bad part of Lexington because it was all that they could afford.

The Mansell’s are a military family and the girl’s grandfather is constantly working to raise awareness of veterans issues. On May 27, he tweeted about what has been happening to his lovely grandchild, Mariah, at the hands of much older teenagers in their apartment complex.


The police were called, but the assailants were not taken into custody because they are juveniles.

“Sorry, a gang of teenagers beating a 13 year old are criminals,” he wrote, along with a photo of the police speaking to the teenagers — who appear to be mostly male.


Speaking to the Gateway Pundit, Priscilla Mansell explained that her children have been getting picked on over their skin color for a long time. Her 13-year-old, Mariah, would come home saying that she had been hit, but the most recent incident lead to her running home in a panic saying that she had been beat.

Mariah told her mother that the teenagers had attacked her from behind, threw her on the ground, and began stomping on her face and stomach.

The angry mother ran out the door to the nearby park and there were about 20 teenagers. She says that she asked them what was going on and demanded to know why they hit her child and they began screaming and cussing at her. It rapidly escalated and the teenagers then threatened to violently attack her, as well.

“I started to walk away and they came up behind me and threw me on the ground and started punching me. Then, they started to attack my 12-year-old and chased my 6-year-old down the road,” she explained.

Before the police arrived, she says that the teenagers went to her house trying to assault the family again. Luckily, they were unsuccessful.

When the police finally arrived, Mansell says that the teens were still attempting to attack her. She asked the police to press charges against the mob that was terrorizing her family, but was told nothing could be done because of their ages.

The intimidation has continued, and the group attempted to attack her again days later when she was trying to get from her car to the apartment while shouting anti-white racial slurs at her. She has described what is happening to them as a hate crime.

“It’s only a matter of time before they do something else,” Mansell told the Gateway Pundit.

Her older son is also facing severe bullying at his school.

Desperate and afraid, Mansell has launched a GoFundMe to try and get her family to a safer neighborhood.

“I’m a single mother. Their father committed suicide in 2017 due to his PTSD. I have multiple sclerosis so it is hard for me to work a real job, but I can’t get disability,” she explained.


When asked if there was anything she wanted to say, or anything she thinks people should know, Mariah told the Gateway Pundit, “I’m scared and I want to move.”


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