Top Democrat Operative Busted Funneling Nearly $2.4 Million From Soros-Funded Super PAC to Her Private Firm

A top Democrat operative from the dark money group behind the botched Iowa caucus app has been caught funneling nearly $2.4 million from the Super PAC she runs to her private firm.

The operative, Tara McGowan, has been caught moving money from her PAC to her private firm in the past, as well.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

“New disclosure forms show that PACRONYM, a super PAC affiliated with McGowan’s nonprofit ACRONYM—the dark money group behind the botched Iowa caucus app—spent close to $2.4 million on anti-Trump ads Wednesday night that will run in the key swing state of Pennsylvania. The money was sent to a for-profit digital consulting firm, Lockwood Strategy Lab, which is also part of McGowan’s network.”

McGowan’s PAC had already sent nearly $1.5 million to ACRONYM for media buys against Trump and $400,000 for “digital consulting and survey research.”

In 2018, another one million dollars was transferred from the PAC to her nonprofit.

The operative previously worked for Priorities USA Action and President Obama’s reelection campaign. She created ACRONYM in 2016 to oppose the Trump campaign’s online efforts.

The largest donor to PACRONYM was billionaire George Soros, who gave them $1.75 million through his Democracy PAC.

Though ACRONYM does not disclose their donors, the Free Beacon found that “Federal Election Commission filings show that the nonprofit received $300,000 from Nancy Pelosi’s House Majority PAC in 2018. That same year, the super PAC received a $45,000 donation from billionaire Tom Steyer’s NextGen Climate Action Committee, which also paid an additional $90,000 for data consulting services.”


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