MUST-WATCH: Texas Doctor Ivette Lozano PRAISES President Trump For His Advice On How To Treat COVID-19 Patients

In a May 9th video, Texas medical doctor Dr. Ivette Lozano explained to a large crowd at an anti-lockdown protest in Dallas, Texas that due to the advice of President Trump, she has successfully treated COVID-19 patients with hydroxychloroquine.

“So where and how did I learn how to treat COVID patients? Well I’m going to tell you. I learned it from the president of the United States Donald Trump. When this pandemic started, President Trump was giving daily interviews to the media and he came across … a treatment protocol that had been successful in France … and President Trump thought that that was newsworthy.”

“Here’s the take-home message for all of you: it’s called hydroxychloroquine.”

“It costs $13. That’s right. It’s been on the market for 60 years.  It is the candy for lupus. It is considered a vitamin for arthritis patients.”

“And for some reason, those bureaucrats that are standing next to our president, that think that they know more about medicine than I do, are telling me I can’t use it.”

“In fact, not only are they telling me I can’t use it, in two states it’s completely illegal to prescribe this. Most of my colleagues are afraid to use it because the agencies that they work for have told them that the risk is too high.”

WATCH Dr. Lozano’s full speech here:


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