Mask-Police CNN Reporter Kaitlan Collins Caught Removing Her Mask at Presser as Soon as She Thought Cameras Were Off (VIDEO)

Mask-police CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins was caught removing her mask at a White House press briefing on Friday as soon as she thought the cameras were off.

Earlier this week Kaitlan Collins posted a picture of Vice President Mike Pence arriving to the White House in a face mask.

CNN and the other liars in the left-wing media attack President Trump for refusing to wear a mask when he’s out in public.

Cloth masks do not protect against the Coronavirus.

It’s all for show.

Kaitlan Collins knows her face mask won’t protect her which is why she removed it when she thought the cameras were off.


Additional video from Friday’s presser:

The mask police got caught!

Update: President Trump just blasted Kaitlan Collins as “A CNN Faker!”