Liberal States Illinois, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut Take Note – Florida Has A Budget Surplus and No State Income Tax

Caroline Wetherington, founder and president of Women 4 Trump, Sarasota-Manatee stands atop The group’s RV the evening before an early reelection campaign rally by President Trump in Panama City Beach, Florida. Photo by Kristinn Taylor, May 7, 2019

While Democrat states attempt to use the China coronavirus crisis to pay off their massive debts after years of corruption and mismanagement, states like Florida maintain budget surpluses and are opening their states up for business again.

Florida governor Ron DeSantis met with President Trump in the White House this past week and discussed his state’s actions related to the coronavirus.  DeSantis said at the 23:30 mark in the following interview:

Clearly, financially it’s [the coronavirus] an issue for Florida.  Because anytime you want to come, they end up paying tax.  You look at just the theme parks, the amount of the taxes that they contribute to the state.  Now fortunately, we had billions of dollars in reserves but even with that you are facing a hit.  There’s just no doubt about it.

While Florida has a budget surplus, blue states like Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut are facing financial disaster and are basically bankrupt.

Forbes wrote on April 22:

Last week, Illinois, via its Senate President Don Harmon, called for a pension bailout, or, more specifically, asked its Congressional Delegation to secure $10 billion in federal funding for its state pension plans and nearly as much for municipalities.

Blue Democrat run states are a disaster and the coronavirus is exacerbating their financial woes.  These states don’t need bailouts, they need total overhauls to their socialist crazy far-left policies.

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