Iran Ships Arrive in Venezuela – Then Deliver Fuel Shipments from Venezuela to Cuba

The arrival of Iranian ships to Venezuela is a challenge for the entire hemisphere.

After more than 40 years of friction between Tehran and Washington, tensions peaked on January 3 of 2000, with the death of Qasem Soleimani. The EEUU (USA) attack was condemned by Maduro`s socialist regime.

Meanwhile, the disgrace and bleeding of Venezuela by the socialist tyrant once again humiliates Venezuelans people. The dictator welcomed the arrival of ships containing fuel from Iran to supposedly mitigate the fuel crisis.

Socialist Venezuela has the largest oil deposits in the world but cannot make enough fuel for its own country.

Also, according to the experts, these shipments put Venezuela in a foreign conflict that has been continuing between Iran and the EEUU (USA) for decades.

Political scientist Filipp Rlog affirmed that an Iranian tanker loaded with gasoline set sail from Venezuelan coasts bound for Cuba this week.  The Maduro regime is sending fuel to Cuba while his citizens suffer.

Rlog condemned the latest developments, “If politicians do wrong with impunity, we will never get out of this vicious circle. If incompetence is not punished and limited, we will never get out of this quagmire. If political scams are not severely sanctioned, Venezuela will never be free.”

The Venezuelan oil trade unionists also expressed their disagreement with distributing fuel to Cuba rather than Venezuela.

And it needs to be asked, “What else do the Iranian ships bring?”

More problems for Maduro’s socialist regime.

The internationalist Giovanna De Michelle the fuel shipments strengthen the strategic alliance between countries that the United States considers a threat.

Maduro’s failed Socialist regime is involved in a geopolitical problem. For Washington, Venezuela is an outlaw state, with the aggravating circumstance of being in Latin America in close proximity to America.

The Trump government has accused Maduro of sheltering Hezbollah cells and asserts that its oil minister, Tareck El Aissami, maintains ties to the terrorist organizationa. Tensions are increasing and Venezuelan’s continue to suffer. 


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