German Police Use Water Cannons To Break Up Antifa’s Anti-Freedom Counter Protest

Rife with irony and beyond parody, Antifa terrorists in Hamburg, Germany staged an anti-freedom counter protest to a group rallying to lift the coronavirus lockdown orders. That’s right, Antifa gathered to protest a group who rallied in support of the right to assembly.

Antifa is now in favor of fascist, strong arm government policies. In their minds, captivity is liberation and freedom is oppression.

To no one’s surprise, the antifa thugs got out of hand, and German polizei intervened to break up the crowd, even employing water cannons, which didn’t seem to phase antifa, as they mocked the cannons by using umbrellas.

RT reports:

Police have deployed water cannons to break up a sparse crowd demonstrating against a sanctioned anti-lockdown rally in Hamburg, Germany, that saw dozens turn out while minding social distancing rules.

Police had to intervene after a small group of about 120 counter-protesters, many of them clad in black hoodies, repeatedly ignored police requests to stay clear of the ‘Vigil for the Basic Law’ rally against the lockdown measures on Saturday.

The counter-demonstrators, who showed up unannounced, lacking any permission from the authorities, argued that the anti-lockdown rally attracted many right-wing extremists. “Against conspiracy fantasies, anti-semites and the right-wing agenda,” one of the posters read.

The anti-lockdown gathering was greenlit to go ahead after organizers agreed to cap the number of its participants at 750 instead of some 3,500-4,000, as originally requested. The Hamburg Administrative Court ruled to limit the number of those who could join the rally so police would be able to enforce the social distancing guidelines, imposed to stem the coronavirus pandemic.

Video by Ruptly:

May history show that this is a day and age where people are protesting in favor of the government infringing on their rights.