Former US Attorney Joe diGenova: Obama May Not Be Indicted Individually But He and Biden May Be Included “In An Indictment As People Who Were Either Used or Participated” in a Criminal Conspiracy

Former US Attorney Joe diGenova was on the Howie Carr radio show again this week and as always, he provided more accurate information on what is going on in the John Durham investigation.

Joe diGenova was with Howie Carr and he again shed some light on the Durham investigation and actions taken by Obama’s Deep State.  Here are some of his comments from the below interview:

About AG Barr at the :30 mark:  The Attorney General is applying the rules that should be applied.  Now that doesn’t mean that in his decision he’s not going to charge either President Obama or Vice President Biden.  That he would not name them in an indictment as people who were either used or participated.  And it doesn’t mean that when John Durham writes his report for the Attorney General that he isn’t going to outline the activities, and conduct and actions of President Obama and Vice President Biden.  Those are two different things.

About his efforts to help Sidney Powell in a petition for General Flynn at the 3:30 mark:  Just so you know, as a matter of public disclosure, Victoria Toensing, my wife and I, filed a motion in the DC Circuit today to sponsor Sidney Powell in a couple of her lawyers, so that they could plead their cases in the DC Circuit.  And I expect that Sidney Powell is going to file pleadings.  I don’t know what they are because we are not party to the pleadings.  All we did was assist them to become members of the court so that they can file pleadings.

Thank you Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing for helping General Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell and America see justice again.

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