Florida Reopening Barbershops And Salons On Monday

Weeks after a Texas women and dozens of other salon owners and barbers across the nation were arrested or fined for defying lockdown orders, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has announced that he will begin the reopening of salons and barbershops in the Sunshine State on Monday.

Florida salons and barbershops can reopen Monday

Luther, who bravely defied tyrannical lockdown orders in an attempt to help her employees to provide for their families, has become a folk hero of sorts and a Go Fund Me page in her honor has raised over $500k, which she has announced will be spread out to not only her employees but other struggling salons.

Senator Ted Cruz Gets His Hair Cut at Shelley Luther’s Salon in Dallas (VIDEO)

Governor Ron DeSantis has been harassed and harangued by liberal politicians and media personalities for his handling of the Coronavirus, despite Florida showing some of the most positive decreases across the nation.

We’re being very judicious on everything we’re doing, but I absolutely see a path, and I think if people watch out, I think that you’ll be hearing something on that very soon,” the Governor said during the news conference.

When the state began to reopen Monday as the fight against COVID-19 turned to the economy, DeSantis extended the ban on close-contact personal services. A week later he pulled the trigger for barbershops and salons.

“We considered this for Phase One,” DeSantis said in Jacksonville, “And my view is, OK, we need to talk with doctors, we need to talk with the industry, we need to figure out what would make sense to reduce risk.”


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