EXCLUSIVE: The Link Between Obama’s Deep State FBI and CIA Was For Sure Peter Strzok But Likely Joe Pientka As Well

The link between Obama’s Deep State FBI and CIA was Peter Strzok and likely, his partner in crime, Joe Pientka, as well.

Laura Ingraham on FOX News had an excellent opening on last night’s show.  She reported that General Flynn’s discussion with the Russian diplomat in late December 2016 was not unmasked and therefore the transcript from Flynn’s discussion was likely obtained by a foreign government.  Here is her opening:

The one item that is overlooked by most in the media is the fact that the Obama Administration made it easy to work with other spy agencies around the world on the Obamagate scam because at least one, if not two partners in crime, Peter Strzok and Joe Pientka, worked for both the FBI and the CIA.

As we reported on May 9th, Sidney Powell went on with Sean Hannity on FOX News.  This was right after breaking news that her client, General Michael Flynn, had his case dismissed by the DOJ earlier in the day. Powell shared the following:

This was a deliberate, malevolent, concerted effort to destroy an honest man and thereby get to the of the United States to destroy him. There’s no doubt about it whatsoever. I would encourage people to read the actual documents themselves. The governments own reports, the agents own notes, they’re all attached as exhibits to the government’s filing today and our filings in the last 10 days or so. It’s important for people to see it for themselves, the actual evidence in the government’s own handwriting and documents….

Hannity asked what did Obama know and when did he know it, to which, Powell replied:

Probably Susan Rice and Peter Strzok, who was working for both Mr. Brennan in the CIA and the FBI on the quote ‘counterintelligence investigation’. We have to go back to at least August 15, of 2016 when Strzok and Page text each other about the insurance policy they discussed in McCabe’s office.

It’s the very next day, August 16, 2016, before the election when they opened the file on General Flynn.

The day after that they slipped an agent [believed to be Joe Pientka] into the Presidential briefing to spy on General Flynn.



Thanks to Powell, we know Strzok worked for the FBI and CIA. This allowed the Deep State actor to spy on individuals in the US and in other countries and to perform all the activities that went along with these entities. This also would have allowed Strzok to work with spies and others in similar positions in foreign countries.

We do know that Brennan was in Europe at the same time that Strzok and other members of the “Secret Society” met in England. We also know that Strzok and Page referred to another Brennan CIA operative, Eric Ciaramella, the suspected Ukrainian impeachment scam whistleblower, as Charlie.

We also know Strzok insisted on keeping special authorities for the Mueller investigation. Also, the Deep State intel community refused to confirm the existence of Ciaramella communications with Strzok, Page and McCabe.


It’s suspected that Pientka was not only with the FBI but also with the CIA, which is why his name is rarely mentioned in reporting on his Deep State actions.

D. Manny put together a massive list of actions taken by Pientka during his time involved in the Trump – Russia hoax. In January we found Pientka had been transferred to the San Francisco area and was being protected by the FBI.

We also know that Pientka was at the Obama White House in June 2016 at a meeting with a CIA security and counterintelligence expert.

Again, we cannot confirm this for Pientka, but it is likely that both Strzok and Pientka wore multiple hats in their efforts to remove the duly elected President of the United States, Donald Trump, from office. 

This allowed the partners in crime to partake in all sorts of likely illegal activities in the US and in foreign countries.

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