College Football Hall Of Fame LOOTED AND DESTROYED by Leftist Mob In Atlanta (VIDEO)

What a way to pay homage to their sports heroes. Rioters in Atlanta took their frustrations out on the College Football Hall Of Fame, smashing out the windows, vandalizing the place, and looting priceless memorabilia. Because somehow it’s racist symbol of white supremacy. Somehow.

Atlanta Journal Constitution reports:

Protesters smashed windows at the College Football Hall of Fame in downtown Atlanta and damaged a Chick-fil-A restaurant next door to the museum.

Some protesters were seen looting the building before several officers arrived to try to maintain order at the $68 million facility, which opened in 2014 to great fanfare after relocating from South Bend, Ind.

Several hurled garbage cans and other objects through the glass exterior of the building, which hosts football watch parties and other major events. Some then rushed inside to grab anything they could.

11 Alive news adds:

11Alive’s journalists on the ground saw the building’s front lobby had been broken into and raided. There were broken glass and display cases inside and outside of the building. The hall of fame is just one building damaged Friday. 

The Atlanta Police Department said they’re working to disperse the crowd and restore order. The McCormick and Schmitz restaurant and the CNN Center both sustained damageAtlanta Police said people are both destroying and threatening officers. Video from the protests also show vehicle fires. 

“Officers continue to endure nearly constant assault, including protestors shooting BB guns at them, throwing bricks, bottles, rocks and knives at them as they continue their efforts to protect property and lives. At the moment, at least three officers have been injured in the confrontation,” Public Information Officer Carlos Campos said.

The Hall Of Fame is sponsored by Chick-fil-A, so you can help but wonder if the left’s hatred for the growing fast food chain had anything to do with this. The shrine has been closed during the Covid 19 freak out.


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