AG Barr: It’s Time to Roll Back Coronavirus Restrictions Imposed by State and Local Governments (VIDEO)

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US Attorney General Bill Barr on Friday said it’s time to start rolling back Coronavirus restrictions imposed by state and local governments.

Barr made the statements during a nationwide “Ask the AG” Twitter question-and-answer session.

Barr argued that the government had the right to impose reasonable and temporary restrictions when facing immediate catastrophic danger to public safety, and asserted the Bill of Rights doesn’t go away during a crisis like this.

Barr said the government is required to justify the restrictions and now that the “curve has been flattened” it’s time to adjust.

“It’s time to start rolling back some of these restrictions in an orderly and sensible way and the president has provided his ‘Opening the United States Again’ plan that provides a sensible approach to doing that — framework for to do that,” Barr said. “We are on the look out for restrictions that are too widespread, too generalized and unduly discriminatory toward liberties such as religious liberties or speech.”


Democrat governors are not letting go of their new found power.

In fact, Democrat governors are extending lockdown orders without any explanation.

California Governor Gavin Newsom retaliated against the citizens of his state and ordered all Orange County beaches closed after tens of thousands flocked to beaches amid a heatwave last weekend.

Maine Governor Janet Mills this week announced her stay-at-home orders will continue until mid-May even though there are only 33 Coronavirus cases in her entire state with a population of 1.3 million.

The Democrat governor of Nevada also extended his lockdown order indefinitely, just because.

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