“This is WRONG!” – Licensed Physician in Utah Unable to Prescribe Hydroxychloroquine Because ‘State Has Taken Over Distribution of Drug’

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This is disturbing.

A licensed physician in Utah said on Sunday that he is unable to prescribe hydroxychloroquine because the state has taken over distribution of the drug.

Dr. Bill MD, is “trained extensively in diagnosis and treatment of human disease.”

Dr. Bill is a contributor to the Debbie Aldrich show and according to Aldrich’s website, “Dr. Bill majored in medical biology graduating Magna Cum Laude at age 19, Graduated from medical school at 23 from Miami University Medical School, Interned at Mount Siani Medical before beginning his own practice.”

Debbie Aldrich is also a contributor at CD Media.

Dr. Bill opened his private practice at 26, hired 4 medical doctors, a PA, and 12 nurses growing to one of the largest private family Practices in Utah.

Dr. Bill also built the 6 medical office buildings in a 10-year span housing his practice in 3 of those buildings.

Dr. Bill sold his very successful Family Practice to Intermountain Medical center, he is still a licensed doctor providing medical care to the community while continuing as an entrepreneur.

In other words, Dr. Bill is a brilliant doctor and knows more about treatments of diseases than government officials.

“I am a licensed physician in Utah. I tried to prescribe hydroxychloroquine but the pharmacist said the state had taken over the distribution of the drug. Even though I’m licensed, I cannot prescribe it. This is WRONG!” Dr. Bill said in a tweet.

Dr. Bill followed up in a second tweet and said we are in the middle of a pandemic and need to be a little liberal with rules.

The FDA last week issued an emergency authorization for experimental Coronavirus treatments using chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, reported Forbes.

Via Forbes:

The Department of Health and Human Services said Sunday hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine products can be distributed and prescribed by doctors through the Strategic National Stockpile “to hospitalized teen and adult patients with COVID-19, as appropriate, when a clinical trial is not available or feasible.”

The agency is fast-tracking a process that usually takes years while the FDA conducts clinical trials in New York, a hot spot for the virus.

HHS said the emergency authorization was issued because the potential benefits of the product outweigh the risks and acknowledged that “anecdotal reports suggest that these drugs may offer some benefit in the treatment of hospitalized COVID-19 patients,” but cautioned that “clinical trials are needed to provide scientific evidence that these treatments are effective.”

Watch Dr. Bill discuss the Coronavirus on the Debbie Aldrich show:


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