WATCH: Michigan Democrat Lawmaker Credits President Trump And Hydroxychloroquine For Saving Her Life From COVID-19!

Democrat lawmaker Karen Whitsett credits hydroxychloroquine and President Trump for saving her life from the coronavirus.

Whitsett credited President Trump for speaking out in support of the drug.  She said without him talking about hydroxychloroquine, she would have never known to ask for it.

Hydroxychloroquine was quickly banned by Democrat Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer for use against COVID-19 after President Trump tweeted out his support for the drug.  Whitmer threatened doctors to ignore prescription requests for hydroxychloroquine and pharma-grade zinc.


The mainstream media attempted to discredit the drug by promoting the story of an elderly Arizona man who died after he and his wife ingested chloroquine phosphate, a chemical found in fish tank cleaner, to treat their COVID-19 symptoms after they mistook the fish tank cleaner for hydroxychloroquine.


New York City physician Dr. Vladimir Zelenko said he has used a combination of hydroxychloroquine and pharma-grade zinc to treat hundreds of patients with coronavirus.

WATCH: Whitsett’s testimony here:


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