Twitter Suspends TPUSA Ambassador and Popular Political Commentator @ALX After Posting Meme of Xi Jinping Endorsing Joe Biden

A popular TPUSA staffer and political commentator who goes by “Alx” has been suspended from Twitter after posting a meme of Chairman Xi Jinping endorsing Joe Biden.

Twitter claims that his suspension is for violating their policy on “platform manipulation and spam” since he had previously been suspended on another account.

Alx had 80,000 followers and has been retweeted by President Donald Trump on multiple occasions.

The activist and commentator was banned from the platform in 2018 without being given any explanation. They initially told him that he was locked out for seven days, then changed their mind and said it was permanent. Eventually, Alx just made a new account which quickly gained massive popularity.

On Biden’s campaign website, he has a generator which users can add their photo to create an “I’m on Team Joe” avatar. Naturally, social media users flocked to the generator to add figures like Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Alx tweeted one using a photo of Jinping.

His suspension prompted quick outcry on social media, with Donald Trump Jr. and Brad Parscale, the manager for Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign, coming to his defense and calling for his account to be reinstated.

“Oh yeah, it’s because he posted a hilarious Biden meme saying he might be compromised by China,” Trump Jr. tweeted. “This censorship MUST END! Demand ALX to be reinstated. Tech tyranny!”

Parscale called for people to follow Alx on Parler, a free-speech platform that is trying to compete with Twitter.

The person who reported Alx’s account shared a screenshot saying that his account was suspended for “violating our rules against managing multiple Twitter accounts for abusive purposes.”


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