Tucker Carlson Slams Wealthy Universities for Taking Coronavirus Stimulus Cash (VIDEO)

It’s maddening that some colleges and universities are sitting on massive endowments, but are taking stimulus cash.

Especially when we hear of the difficulty so many small business owners have had obtaining any kind of relief.

On his show this week, Tucker Carlson put the issue in perspective.

From FOX News:

Tucker Carlson rips universities for accepting coronavirus aid money: ‘They do enough harm to this country’

Tucker Carlson blasted American universities and the federal government Wednesday night after some of the country’s richest colleges received $14 billion in coronavirus aid money meant for small businesses.

“University presidents get to pay themselves and they pay themselves more than you might think, a lot,” the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host said. “Columbia University, for example, is getting $12.8 million in bailout money despite having an $11 billion endowment. The president of that school, a person called Lee Bollinger, makes more than $2 million a year.”

Carlson name-checked other institutions who benefited from the aid, making special mention of the amount of money paid to the football coaches at archrivals Michigan and Ohio State — two universities which received federal money.

“Meanwhile, the University of Pennsylvania, a school for kids on the Harvard wait list, received $9.9 million. The president of UPenn, Amy Gutmann, makes nearly $3 million. That’s about a third of the entire bailout,” Carlson said. “If paying Amy Gutmann is such a priority, maybe the school could find that money in their $14.7 billion endowment.”

Watch the video below:

People are angry about this and rightly so.

These schools need to start tapping their endowments before tapping the taxpayers.

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