St. Louis County Releases ‘Snitch Files” – Local Citizens Who Called County Government to Snitch on Business Owners

By Assistant Editor

Responsible parents teach their children “don’t be a snitch.” We do this so that our children aren’t hated, because everyone knows that everyone hates a snitch.

But the Coronavirus fear mongers are turning otherwise responsible and likable people into sniveling snitches that nobody likes. And we can prove it.

Talk radio great Jamie Allman filed a Sunshine law request for the actual emails of St. Louis County residents who’ve snitched on local entrepreneurs trying to make a living. Most of the complaints were unfounded, involving people “turning in” companies that were deemed essential by the county.

But reading the actual complaints reveals just how terrified the media and corrupt academics have made good people. The complainants are truly scared. They believe that Coronavirus kills almost everyone who gets infected. They believe that washing your car, hitting golf balls at a range, or playing singles tennis can spread the disease to many people.

The 900-page file of complaints is, ultimately, sad. What could be more depressing than a mother begging government officials to put her daughter out of work? Or women asking the county to shut down their fiancé’s company?

Yet, it’s all there.

Lecturing emails from busybodies demanding that car washes, laundromats, and parks be shut down. And an obviously anti-Christian attack on Hobby Lobby.

Throughout, the complainants display complete disregard for the well-being of the people who own and work at these establishments. This is selfishness to the highest degree, even among those who are truly ignorant and terrified of Coronavirus. The complainants want hard-working people to be sidelined so they can have peace of mind.

If you want to avoid community-transmitted diseases, stay home. If you stay home, it doesn’t matter what anyone else does. Why complain if others choose to take their chances?

But the snitches don’t want to just stay home themselves. They want everyone else to suffer the consequences of their choice to stay home. Misery loves company, as my grandmother used to say.

Here are a few of the choice complaints with commentary. You can read the entire document here, thanks to Jamie Allman.

Amanda *****  wants a pawn shop closed in South County:

Hi, I live on Reavis….the pawn shop on Lemay ferry road next to the old Dairy queen(planet sub) is still open. Yesterday it was packed with people coming in and out non stop. There is no reason a pawn shop is essential…….in fact the amount of people and lack of sanitation is going to spread fast……..also the Harley Davison store has been having constant crowds during the day and evening now with the nice weather…….joan fabrics isn’t sanitizing According to employees……no one needs to be spreading the virus onto fabric constantly touching it…………what will it take for the Governor to shut the state down. I fear for all of us……….

Imagine that! Twenty million people thrown out of work with no notice, and now people are lining up to pawn to their engagement rings and their kids’ clarinets in order to pay the rent. Amanda “Amazing Panda” is right. People who don’t have jobs shouldn’t be allowed to sell their property for basic necessities.

Amanda isn’t alone in calling for the abolition of last-hope lenders.

Ralph ****** Wants Auto Dealership Close

Auto plaza Breckenridge East car dealership at 9201 st Charles rock road is not closing as required..claiming the service department attached to the dealership is why he is staying open but it is not open to the public and has no business license to even operate. Is this ok? Isn’t that a non essential business that should be closed or not?

Joyce Ann WantS a Relative Fired

Joyce Ann wants all auto parts shops closed.

My relative who I’m very concerned about is still having to mandatorily report to work even amid this coronavirus crisis. Schools, banks, businesses all over are cancelled and everything else. Reaction Auto Parts in Earth City MO is advising their workers not to miss work unless showing symptoms and I’m concerned for their safety and the safety of the whole community.

Gee, Joyce Ann. I hope no doctors, nurses, or first responders (like Emergency Medical Technicians and paramedics) need a car part in your fascist regime. And I hope the “relative” whose job you just destroyed comes to your place for Easter dinner. Won’t that be nice?

Erin J**** Puts Fiance Out of Work

Here’s another woman who must hate both cars and her fiancé.

Hello, My fiancé works at Frisco Hill Auto. They do restorations. I know the essential businesses say car repair and other related facilities. I was just wondering if a restoration shop, that doesn’t do collision or mechanical repair is essential? Also two of their employees live in Illinois, which I thought was weird because I thought they were on a shelter in place order. I am just trying to gain clarification. We really want our families and the communities to be safe. Thank you, Erin

What do you want to bet sweet Erin calls off the wedding after her fiancé tells her “I lost my job?” (At least Erin won’t be able to pawn the engagement ring, thanks to Amanda and CitizenIrish.)

Craigslist A Wants Car Washes Closed

Gee, these people hate cars, don’t they?

The Auto Spa Etc of University City is still open and taking customers. 8304 Olive Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63132 is the address.

Thank you for addressing those who are not taking this pandemic serious.

Apparently, sitting alone in your car while a machine washes the Coronavirus off the fender is just risky for this person.

Diane W****** Likes Cracked Windshields

Diane ([email protected]) wants windshield repair shops closed, and she’s not afraid to say it IN ALL CAPS:


James L****** of Ballwin Likes Dirty Ambulances

You’d think the Gladys Kravitzes of the world would want a clean ambulance to take them to the ICU ward, but James Lindemann ([email protected]) must like dirty ones:

They have employees inside cars detailing them from the inside out. Some of which will be Ballwin ambulances and police cars that transported COVID-19 positive patients.

He goes on:

I am friends with employees here and they feel forced to work and have not been informed of any allowable PTO. The owners are being shady and the employees feel expendable and exposed.

Hey, Jimmy, I wouldn’t be want be you when a Ballwin cop pulls you over in his filthy, Coronavirus-filled squad car.

Marianne W****** Wants More Time Off and Still Get Her Paycheck

Marianne wants yet another car dealership shut down, but she expects its employees to receive 100% of their pay.

Opening the first and last Saturday of every month and also making employees take off unpaid days to help with their “loss”

I’m guessing Marianne won’t have to working two days a month after her boss reads this.

Michele P******** Wants Golf Courses Closed

300 people occupying the same 34 acre area is a little too much for Michelle Patterson.

WHY are golf courses and driving ranges allowed to stay open when I cannot perform essential grooming to my clients dogs? It is outrageous. Michele Patterson

Passive-Aggressive Paulette T******** Is Thankful for the Disease, Apparently

If you have 5 golfers and they all have carts but when they get out of carts they are totally not six feet apart . So let’s spread the virus thank you so I guess St. Louis county will continue to spread. Thank you

No, Paulette. Thank YOU.

Muriel G****** Identifies the Most Popular Driving Range in the World!

Speaking of Thank Yous, he owners of this driving range owe Muriel a big thank you for telling the world their golf range is the most popular:

I would like to report a golf range that has been open daily since 3/23. Hundreds if not thousands have been patronizing this business since the stay at home order has been in place.

Muriel’s email is dated April 2. If thousands of people have been this driving range in just over a week, this must be an amazing range. Put it on your bucket list.

Jeri B***** Finds Tennis and Playgrounds Dangerous

My son and I took a walk yesterday through Heman Park in U City and we saw a number of families playing on the playground equipment. We walked out of the park and up to Olive and saw a number of people playing tennis. Neither activity seemed safe to me.

Jon K***** Angry With Tennis Players “Touching Each Others’ Balls”

You can’t make this up.

Flynn Park Tennis Courts are allowed to be in use. Every person touches the same gate is tennis court is very popular exchange hands touching each other’s balls and spreading the germs what other services at the parks are admitted; total contradiction in the science of this virus

I’m with Jon. If you can’t play without touching other people’s private areas, you need to stay home.

Elsa H******* Likes Dirty Dogs

The dog grooming salons in all stores are still open. I get that food and supplies are essential however getting you dog a bath is not

Thanks, Elsa, for being the world’s leading authority on essential pet services. BTW, have you smelled my dog?

Christopher L****** Says “Don’t Eat That Here!”

Restaurant is allowing customers to sit on outside patio in close quarters with one another. The restaurant was also allowing patrons to order drinks while sitting outside, and some customers were sitting outside with their ‘carryout’ orders.

Let’s all be thankful Christopher’s out there making sure we eat properly.

Michael H*****: Another Essential Service Expert

Claiming on the news to be essential because they sell elastic and something that might maybe possibly be used for respirators. They are a hobby shop and do not provide essential services.

Think Michael was done? Not even close. He analyzed this situation like an IHME data scientist:

Owners were searching for excuses to be able to stay open. Attempting to identify any items in their inventory that could be used for health related needs. Their primary sales are still 100% hobby and craft supplies, puzzles, rc cars, and toys.

They are putting their employees and customers at risk even running “curb-side” services. This is not contact-less service like other stores are offering. Employees are expected to take products to customer’s cars to let customers see the products before they buy. They are also having to handle customers credit cards, cash, and change. Employees do not have proper protective equipment (no gloves, no masks, limited hand sanitizer).

While working is voluntary per the owners, some employees will feel pressured to work in order to lighten the load of other employees who feel they must work to survive.

Tracey V*** Likes Filthy Cars

People washing and vacuuming their cars close to each other

And, apparently, this a very popular car wash:

Everyone’s getting car washes and vacuuming their cars

Get that? Literally everyone is getting car washes. Must have been national car wash day or something.

Robin E********* Very Concerned With California Hikers

There is a PCT thru hiker making videos displaying his blatant disregard for social distancing. He has taken rides from seniors etc. He encourages people to hike the PCT and says it’s “legal” because he has a permit. Doesn’t the CA stay at home law affect him? He makes excuses to stay on trail by saying business in small towns want thru hiker business but these towns are susceptible to COVID 19 with older citizens and limited resources.

So who is this dangerous British hiker?

Company Contact: His name is somewhere on the YouTube channel The Trail Hunter

I’m sure St. Louis County Police will get right on that, Robin. Thanks for the tip.

About those pleas for anonymity.

Britany J****** Should Have Asked First

My company is remaining open and calling themselves essential, which in my opinion, is a very far stretch. We make labels. My position, along with many others at the business, is NOT essential. Labels Direct, Inc. in Chesterfield, MO on Trade Center Dr. I don’t want them to know I reported. Is this anonymous to the company? Thank you!

Sorry, Brittany, no, this is not anonymous. The good news is you probably won’t be pressured to return to work anytime soon.

Paula F***** Must Not Smoke. Or Game

I don’t want my name known…but why are vape shops (vapor connection fenton mo stl county), smoke shops in Manchester, game stop in Fenton and Manchester, allowed to be open? What exactly is essential there???

Another Woman Trying to Get Her Fiancé Fired

What’s with these bridezillas?


My fiance works for TeeTurtle llc, (, and as of yesterday, they have not closed their warehouse or office.

The warehouse is located at 11115 Linpage, and the main office is at 1034 S Brentwood Blvd, ph 2 b.

Please keep this anonomyous as this particular company is known for reprisals.

John L******* Doesn’t Like R&D

The company I work for Labrynth Technologies believes that we fall under the essential business. We are making the 5g street light poles for the city of St Louis as of today we have not made one complete pole. We are still in the process of refining the design. If you contact the company/owner Theodore (Ted) Stegman please do not use my name as he will find a way to fire me. Thank you.

Don’t worry, John, we won’t mention your name to Ted.

Alarms Important During National Emergencies? Not According to Jaci K.

I work for an alarm instillation and service company. They say we are an essential business so we will stay open. My question is why is it an essential company by installing/servicing customers? Technicians are going in and out of customers daily and then come into our office. I do understand we need to service life safety as an emergency. Is this putting the technicians and customers at risk?

Thank you, Jaci

Brazilian j**-****

Constantine Cosmas wants a Brazilian jiu-jitsu studio closed:

Maelstrom Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu located at 2500 Ohio Ave., St. Louis, MO 63104 is still holding classes and operating daily between 6pm-9pm.

I bet if Constantine walked into the studio and told them to shut down or else, he’d find out just how essential jiu-jitsu skills can be.

Is This Actually an Ad for McBride and Sons?

I can’t tell if Kristen H**** is trying to get her family members fired or if she’s craftily advertising for them.

I have family members who work for McBride and Son in the St. Louis area and are being told they are essential workers. They are part of the sales team that sells homes. They sit in displays and meet with the public daily.

Unfortunately, even with the stay in rules in place, people are STILL coming in to get home tours and meet with them. It’s a revolving door that needs to be closed down to help flatten the curve. These are nonessential workers deemed so by St. Louis County. I called the hotline to make sure before sending this email to report McBride and Son.

There are 40 sales offices staffed Friday – Monday and still completely open to the public.

Again, if you’re looking to buy a new home, McBride and Sons 40 sales offices are open Friday through Monday.

It’s Okay to Fly but Don’t Leave the Airport

Kathleen J******* says it’s okay to fly and to stay at hotels, but NO GROUND TRANSPORTATION:

Hotels are still running Shuttles to the Airport and most of the flights have been cancelled, the Extended Stay of America at the Airport is still having the employees come in that are Drivers , I feel that is Non Essential now Please inform all Hotels in Saint Louis County and Mo to CLOSE FOR NOW , THANK YOU

But Some People Are Just Trying to Survive

The saddest emails come from small business owners who work their butts off to get through life. Their entire livelihood is threatened by authoritarians and busybodies.

Just Wants to Work

I clean houses by myself for a living. Im a llc in missouri was getting ready to hire then this came up. So Can I tell my customers that i can or cant work. I will be out of business and evicted if i go 30 or more days with no income. That is a $7000 loss.

Big thanks to radio king Jamie Allman for obtaining the Snitch File from St. Louis County through a Sunshine Law request.

You can download the whole snitch file here.

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