THIS IS OUTRAGEUS! COVID-19 Concerns Set Liar Rick Gates Free, But Roger Stone To Be Jailed

Rick Gates is a convicted liar. He said at Roger Stone’s trial that he overheard a phone conversation between Stone and Trump in early August 2016, in a SUV on the way to LaGuardia Airport. Gates says two Secret Service Agents were in the car, in the second back seat.

Gates says he was in the third back seat, but claims he saw Stone’s name pop up on Trump’s cell phone even though Trump was in the front seat. However, Stone’s cell phone ID does not bear his name.

Gates admits he could not hear the conversation, but he was positive it was about Wikileaks. For someone who didn’t hear the conversation, it’s very curious that he could so definitively communicate it’s contents.

Trump denied ever talking to Stone about Wikileaks in written responses to Mueller. Stone denied ever talking to Trump about Wikileaks on Meet the Press. The government did not provide any corroborating testimony from any Secret Service Agents.

They have provided NO telephone record to show any such call ever happened. The allegations, which helped convict Stone and have him due to submit himself to a Coronavirus infested prison system in 7 days, have never been more than the words of an already convicted liar who provided no evidence other than hearsay.

Rick Gates is NOT charged with millions in tax evasion and got a 45 day sentence for the same crimes Manafort got seven years for. At the same time that corrupt and deranged Obama-appointed Judge Amy Berman Jackson released Rick Gates from prison because of COVID-19, she has ordered the nearly 70-year old Stone to the same prison system she claims is too dangerous for convicted liar Rick Gates.

Another glaring example of the two-tiered justice system allowed to run amok across the United States on every level. Stone’s legal efforts to avoid the death sentence he surely faces due to COVID-19 in the federal prison system remain ongoing.


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