Why is This Not Being Reported? Current Data Provides Support that the China Coronavirus Reacts Significantly to Sun and Heat — Look at the Numbers from the Southern States!

The Gateway Pundit reported back on March 21st that based on the data at that time the coronavirus had reacted negatively to heat.  This indicates the virus would behave like strains of the flu and die out in the summer months.

Today we have additional information to support this claim.

In a post on March 21st we reported that there were a number of anomalies with the data related to the China coronavirus.  We listed the following observations:

1. The current charts (by entities like John Hopkins) were not helpful as they instill fear and are not relevant
2. On a per capita basis the numbers are less concerning
3. The China coronavirus is spreading but probably not accelerating
4. The coronavirus will decline no matter what the media says
5. You have a low probability of becoming severely ill with the coronavirus
6. The virus will likely burn off in the summer like other viruses
7. As we have noted, children and teens are less affected
8. The fatality rate is declining (the demoninator is rising)

These observations are still relevant today.  But one observation is not reported on in the mainstream media that has a huge impact on the current status of the coronavirus.  This fact is ignored.  The virus will likely burn off in the summer like other viruses:

The University of Maryland mapped severe COVID-19 outbreaks with local weather patterns around the world, from the US to China. They found that the virus thrives in a certain temperature and humidity channel. “The researchers found that all cities experiencing significant outbreaks of COVID-19 have very similar winter climates with an average temperature of 41 to 52 degrees Fahrenheit, an average humidity level of 47% to 79% with a narrow east-west distribution along the same 30–50 N” latitude”, said the University of Maryland.

The green area in the above map is where the virus is currently thriving. It does not do well in hotter and more humid environments.

If you look at today’s numbers for the US you will see that this is currently the case.

Below is the top 20 states based on number of China coronavirus cases identified as of April 21, 2020.  You can see that New York leads the list and the number of deaths recorded per million for the entire US is 137 which is by the way 0.01% of the total population.

But when we look at the average number of deaths per million for the warmer Southern border states we obtain an average of 70 deaths per million or 50% of the national average. 

When we look at the same average for the northern New England states the average escalates to 293 deaths per million or 213% of the national average.

Based on the data available to date, it appears the coronavirus is much more common in cooler and less humid climates as was noted in the Maryland study.

This indicates that based on data available, the coronavirus in the US should die out come the hot summer months.

Why is the MSM not talking about the southern state data?

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