Mass Shooting In Gun Controlled Canada Leaves 10 Dead, Including Mounted Patrol Officer

A gunman opened fire overnight in several sleepy towns in Nova Scotia, Canada. The rampage started in Portapique, about 50 miles north of Halifax, and ended about 30 miles away in Enfield, before also hitting Truro.

Mind you the gun laws in Canada are very strict, and one has to jump through several hoops just to get a hunting rifle, including passing a rigorous licensing process, and several types of firearms are banned, including many semi automatic variants, and magazines are limited 10 rounds in most cases.

The CBC Reports:

More than 10 people were killed during a gunman’s bloody 12-hour rampage through several Nova Scotia communities, and police warn there may be more victims.

In an update on Sunday evening, Nova Scotia RCMP confirmed there were at least 10 people killed in several locations across the province, including a veteran RCMP officer.

 Police said there may be more victims who have not been discovered yet and their investigation continues.

RCMP identified the gunman as Gabriel Wortman, 51. His rampage began late Saturday night in the small community of Portapique, N.S. He led police on a chase Sunday morning along one of the province’s busiest highways.

The chase ended near a gas station about 35 kilometres north of Halifax in Enfield, N.S., around 11:40 a.m. local time. Police confirmed Sunday evening that the gunman was dead.

Const. Heidi Stevenson, a 23-year veteran of the RCMP, has been identified as the police member who was killed responding to the active shooter incident.

Premier Stephen McNeil addressed the investigation Sunday afternoon.

“I never imagined when I went to bed last night that I would wake up to the horrific news that an active shooter was on the loose in Nova Scotia. This is one of the most senseless acts of violence in our province’s history,” McNeil said.

“To the families of the victims, and to those who are still feeling afraid, my heart goes out to you. Know that all Nova Scotians are with you.”

The article goes on to say that several homes had caught fire around the same time as the shootings, but police cannot confirm that is related to the shootings. They also say that Wortman was a denturist who owned several properties in the area, and was somehow able to commandeer a Royal Mounted Police car and drove it during the rampage.

Oddly enough, police are not confirming how Wortman died, nor are they elaborating on the type of firearm used or how he procured it.

Nova Scotia shooting suspect Gabriel Wortman

Video report via CBC:


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