Socialist Regime in Venezuela Closes All Entrances to Caracas in “Plan Damasco”

the movement of citizens is restricted and controlled
According to El National several containers were placed on the Caracas-La Guaira highway by the Maduro regime to isolate the city.  

Also, Ibéyise Pacheco says that this new move by the dictator sets in motion the “Damasco Plan”.

In addition, according to security sources say Tareck El Aissami proposed this operation to the Bolivarian National Armed Forces to make Caracas inaccessible.

The objective is to keep Maduro protected and defend him against eventual foreign or internal attacks. In other words, the regime does not care what happens to the rest of Venezuela. The urgency is to stay in power.

Moreover, the regime is weak and Maduro does not have the effective force to repress the protesters.

It will be difficult to hold the borders to the city because the people are losing their fear. The Socialist armed collectives who are in charge.

Maduro will try to make it appear that everything is normal. They think that Caracas will not resist its confinement for more than a week and if there are protests they will cut off basic services.

Unexpected resignations

Today the  meeting led by Padrino López and the FANB (Armed Forces) Aviation staff was interrupted. The military chiefs of the socialist regime were informed that 20 pilots submitted their withdrawal requests.   They quit.

In conclusion, the military situation is complicated for the regime. In the coming week, look for military and civilian arrests to occur in different parts of Venezuela.

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