Florida Official Suggests It Might Be Time To “Disobey” Lockdown Orders

Joel Greenberg, a Tax Collector in Central Florida’s Seminole County, took to social media in the past 24 hours saying that we need to re-open the economy and that citizens should consider disobeying lockdown orders that he says infringe on our constitutional rights as Americans.

“We need to open the damn economy. Burning down the house in order to save it is not working and total bullshit. Enough already. Time to disobey the orders and stand up for our civil liberties being shit on.”

Greenberg is a high-profile supporter of President Trump in the Sunshine State and has made waves before for his commitment to the 2nd Amendment and our founding documents. As one of the youngest constitutional officers elected in the United States, Greenberg has also brought much needed innovation to his tax offices, including the offering of tax services online and buying old bank properties in order to provide those services in a drive-thru capacity. While every other Tax Collector’s office in Florida remains shut down, his offices have been able to continue services for those needing to update drivers licenses and update vehicle or vessel registrations.

Speaking to local news outlet WESH Orlando, Greenberg has stood by his comments.

“I believe people have a right to live their life in the way they deem fit as long as they’re not causing harm to themself or anybody else,” Greenberg said.

“If you take the density of Seminole County, we’re one of the densest counties but we’re one of the smallest per capital, or land-wise, so you know, those numbers are rather OK, I would say,” he said.

Greenberg said he believes people need to get back to work sooner rather than later, and says he stands by the opinion he shared on social media.

“If enough people do it, you can only enforce so much, I want people to be responsible. I want people to follow the law. I’m not sure what’s being suggested or enforced in certain areas of this state, more specifically Central Florida are constitutional enforcement,” Greenberg said.

He is certainly saying what many Americans are already thinking. This lockdown and media driven hysteria is going to not only continue to cripple our economy, it’s going to drive us all insane!


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